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Pregnancy Checklists

Pregnancy To-Do Checklist: The First Trimester

You're pregnant. Your family is growing. Life is never going to be the same and you're sure you should be doing something. But what? Actually, there's a lot to do but you shouldn't feel overwhelmed. You have nine months to p...

Pregnancy To-Do Checklist: The Second Trimester

You're starting to feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable with your pregnancy at this point. Morning sickness has likely subsided and may even feel that pregnancy glow people keep telling you about. However, things are getting...

Pregnancy To-Do Checklist: The Third Trimester

You can see the finish line and you are probably preoccupied with a million little details to get ready for the big day. Plus often times you'll get an extra push of energy when the nesting urge kicks in. Take a tour...

Third Trimester To-Do Checklist

As the big day looms closer, it can be overwhelming trying to know what needs done. Also realize that you probably can't do it all at least not by yourself. Let your partner, family members and friends pitch in as well. Pace you...

Second Trimester To-Do Checklist

As you enter the second trimester of pregnancy you might begin to feel more at ease in your pregnancy. Most likely the morning sickness is a thing of the past, and your hormones are more manageable. You aren't worried about miscar...

First Trimester To-Do Checklist

You've missed your first period and your mind is likely starting to swirl with excitement, concerns and questions. While you have nine months to prepare, some things need attention sooner than delivery day. Get an appointmen...

Baby Registry Checklist

It's one of those special little perks of pregnancy - the baby registry. But often parents-to-be are just overwhelmed at all the choices and feel awkward about the whole process. But it's become part of the baby welcoming ritual....

Writing a Meaningful Plan

Birth is paradoxical: a very predictable yet unpredictable human passage. On one hand, almost without fail the vast majority of human females spontaneously begin labor, progress through increasingly intense stages of labor, feel l...

Baby Needs Checklist

Dear Parents To Be, We want to make sure that you are prepared for the arrival of your new baby. So, we have put together this list of things you may need. You probably won't need to buy all of the things listed below, but it will...

Packing Your Labor Bag

For Labor____ Birth plan , Did you create your birth plan yet? ____ Bathrobe (if hospital or birth center doesn't supply one, or you want your own) ____ Slippers ____ Socks ____ Tennis balls or rolling pin (for back labor massage)...

Personalized Birth Planner

A birth plan will help your care provider fully understand your preferences for certain procedures during labor and delivery. It is separated into three pages for easy loading. Just hit the "Next" button at the bottom of each page...

Bringing Baby Home Checklist

Bringing your new baby home can be a scary thing to new parents. Do you have everything you need? What do you still need to get for the first week? What if something goes wrong? These are questions every new parent asks themselves...

Pregnancy Week by Week

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See how your baby grows each week throughout your pregnancy with advice and tips for what to expect.

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