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The Second Year

Toddlerhood!Month 24

Happy Birthday 2 year old! Is your toddler playing too rough with little ones? Has he taken to biting, pinching, pushing, or hitting a younger sibling or friend? If he's doing it for attention, be sure that you don't give him...

Toddlerhood!Month 23

Everyone's favorite parents are the ones who get down and messy with the kids. If you create yourselves a craft nook, complete with all the fixin's (non-toxic glue, safety scissors, buttons, ribbon, tape, construction paper, cardb...

Month 22

At this age, some toddlers like things "just so." Along with tantrums and exploration, stubbornness is another characteristic of toddlerhood. Respect his preferences and try to give in on the little things, like which shirt to wea...

Toddlerhood!Month 21

Your child loves to walk and run, and perhaps he's even tackling stairs. Try rolling a ball toward him -- he may just kick it and give you a glance at the all-star soccer player he could become! Physical play is his favorite at...

Toddlerhood!Month 20

Feel like you -- and your toddler -- spend all your time saying no? You say no when you mean it, but he's likely saying it to mean no, yes, and everything else. Maybe it's time to be more selective about when, and when not, to u...

Toddlerhood!Month 19

Your toddler is becoming more and more interested in other kids. Though children won't necessarily interact intentionally and play nicely at this age, they will certainly enjoy the company of their peers. Join a playgroup or mak...

Toddlerhood!Month 18

You know what he should be eating: whole foods packed with vitamins, nutrients, "good" fats, and all those healthy things. You serve it to him. He forcefully pushes it away with a deliberate "no no no." He apparently hates today...

Toddlerhood!Month 17

Your toddler is likely using words, in addition to pointing and grunting, to tell you what he wants. When he doesn't use words, prompt him ("Water? Do you want water? Let's get you some water."). The more you use and repeat the...

Toddlerhood!Month 16

By now you've probably noticed one of the most frustrating things about parenthood. Everyone, even strangers, has an opinion on how well -- or not well -- you're doing. "Why is it that so many people who witness us dealing with...

Toddlerhood!Month 15

Got a screamer on your hands? When a toddler flexes his vocal chord muscles, it can be trying, to say the least. If your little one has learned to scream and really taken to the sound, remind yourself that it's a natural behavio...

Toddlerhood!Month 14

By now you have likely introduced cows milk to your child. You should offer whole milk instead of low-fat or skim milk until two years of age. Why? Babies need the good fats in whole milk for brain development. Breast milk is st...