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Sex & Relationships

Can Dads Develop Postpartum Depression?

Most people have heard of postpartum depression in women, defined as a sometimes serious illness that can make a new mother feel sad and hopeless. The symptoms can occur within the first weeks or months after birth and, in some ca...

Baby Making vs Love Making - A Man's Perspective

Sex. It's everyone's favorite topic. Well, maybe not everyone's. But most everyone who happens to be male and older than twelve is generally interested in sex. Very interested. At a certain age, most young men are all but obsessed...

Postpartum Depression and the Baby Blues What's a Husband to do?

Bringing baby home is an exciting time. Thrilled with your new arrival, you soar on an adrenaline high for longer than you thought possible. But eventually the excitement fades a bit. Visits taper off and the realities of sleep de...

The Dating Game Keeping Your Marriage Alive Now

It may be hard to grasp, but married life needn't -- and shouldn't -- come screeching to a halt just because there's a baby in your lives. While there's a natural tendency to allow your newborn to become the focus of your life, i...

Is There Life After Birth?

Sexual relations during pregnancy can be challenging enough. For the adventurous couple, sex during pregnancy can lead to new levels of pleasure and intimacy. For the uncomfortable couple sex may be a fond — and increasingly...

Inside Secrets of Your Wife's New Role

I have waited a long time to share with the male population just what it is we do after the birth of a baby. You see, after my daughter was born, my husband, Dan, assumed that the hard part was over, and I would return to my "norm...

We Have A Bad Connection

My wife Jill and I have a baby on the way. And I'm realizing that I didn't connect with kids even when I was one. I have connected with kids twice in my adult life. In 1991 I cradled a month-old boy, one of my sister's platoon, a...