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Baby Corner's MOTM Contest

Each month, beginning on the 1st of the month, members will begin receiving points for activities in our community listed below. On the 1st of the following month, the member with the most activity points will win the Baby Corner Member of the Month prize. 3 Runner ups will also win and receive an email gift certificate.


Grand Prize for December 2012: $ 50 Amazon Gift Card

Runner Up Prizes for December 2012: Three (3) $ 5.00 USD Gift Cards will be awarded to three (3) runner up members.

Winners will be sent a private message on Baby Corner to notify them that they have won. Winners usernames and their profile picture will be posted on Baby Corner's homepage, Facebook page, and community sidebar. Please make sure you receive email notifications when you receive a new private message so that your prize can be shipped without delay. Winners will be required to email with their name, mailing address, city, state, zipcode to receive their prize.

How to Win:

Winners are determined based on member activity at our community message boards. For each activity listed below, a member will automatically receive a certain number of activity points which is displayed in every post you create. To win the Grand prize, the winning member must be an active member of Baby Corner's community by participating in discussions and more. Please see below to learn how many points you can earn for accomplishing various tasks. At the beginning of each month, points and activity for all members will be set to zero (0) to begin a new contest. Winners may only win once every three (3) months in order to give other members a chance to win prizes.

Activity Points
Reply to Topics 2
Start New Topics 5
Thread Ratings Given on a Topic you started .5
Visitor Messages (Given): 1
Visitor Messages (Received) 1
New Poll Posted 2
Points for Poll Votes .5
Refer New Members to Baby Corner 20
Points for Posting Invalid Threads, Posts or Other Messages (see rules below) -5


This contest is open to all US and Canadian residents. If the prize is not able to be shipped to your location (eg, Canadian winners), Baby Corner reserves the right to exchange the prize for an email gift certificate or PayPal money transfer equal to value of the prize in United States Dollars. Members who post invalid messages created for the sole purpose of increasing number of points will lose five (5) points from their total points. Infractions will be removed at the end of the month. Invalid message include SPAM or advertising messages, messages that have no value to the members of Baby Corner.