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Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist

|21, August 2010


We all have a story to tell of one small thing we forgot to do, when baby proofing our homes. Here is a list of many of the things you need to consider when it comes to your baby's safety. Just print out this checklist to take with you through the house. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

In the Nursery

Are the slats on your baby's crib less than 2-3/8 inches? This is the standard on all cribs made today, to prevent a baby's head from getting stuck. Please do not use a crib that was handed down to you, as the slats may not be up to standard.

Are all slats are secure? The corner posts should not be any higher than the end panels, and they should never extend over the end panels.

No holes in the mattress?

Are all stuffed animals removed from the crib?

Ensure the crib is not near any windows, electrical outlets, lamps, no pictures over the crib, etc.

Mobiles have been removed if baby can pull up?

Make sure your baby's crib is sturdy, and has no loose or missing hardware. This will prevent babies suffocating or strangling by becoming trapped between broken crib parts.

Are all outlets covered?

Are all blind and curtain cords shortened? Never place your baby's crib or furniture near window blind or curtain cords. This will prevent babies from strangling on the loop of the cord. To prevent falls, keep children away from windows.

Put your baby to sleep on her back or side in a crib with a firm, flat mattress and no soft bedding underneath her. Follow this advice to reduce the risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

In the bathroom

Are all medicines and cleaning products in containers with safety caps and locked away from children? This will prevent children from being poisoned.

Always check bath water temperature with your wrist or elbow before putting your baby in to bathe. This will prevent burns to a baby's delicate skin.

Never, ever, leave your child alone in the bathtub or near any water. This will prevent children from drowning. In addition, keep children away from all standing water, including water in toilets, 5-gallon buckets, and pools.

Are all electrical outlets covered?

Does the toilet seat have a latch? This will prevent your baby from possible drowning in the toilet.

Are all surfaces clean? It is very important to keep the surrounding toilet area clean to avoid illness.

Is your bathroom carpeted? If not, be sure no water is left on the floor to avoid slipping.

In the kitchen

Are all the electrical outlets covered?

How are the latches on your cupboards holding up? Have any broken off and need to be replaced?

Are all cords and electrical appliances out of your baby's reach?

Is your child's highchair, baby swing and strollers installed with safety straps? This will prevent injuries and deaths from the baby climbing out, falling, or sliding under the tray.

When you cook, are you using your stove's back burners? Keep pot handles turned to the back of the stove. This will prevent deaths and injuries from burns. In addition, keep children away from tablecloths, so they can't pull down hot foods or liquids on themselves.

Are all household cleaning products, knives, matches, and plastic bags locked away from children? This will prevent poisonings, bleeding injuries, burns, and suffocation.

Are all surfaces clean? It is very important to keep the floor and counters clean to avoid illness. Include cabinets, as babies love to hang onto them while Mommy is cooking dinner.

Is your kitchen carpeted? If not, be sure no water is left on the floor, to avoid slipping.

In the Car

Car seat safety check. Is it properly installed (refer to installation instructions and vehicle owner's manual)? Use the center of the back seat whenever possible - never in front passenger side when there is an airbag. Rear-facing for infants less than one year and 20 pounds. Your child must still be in a car seat until they are four years old, and weigh at least 40 pounds.

In other living areas

Are smoke detectors installed on each floor of your home, especially near sleeping areas? Change the batteries each year. This will prevent deaths and injuries from fires.

Are fire extinguishers full? Do adults and older children know how to use them?

Are flashlights strategically placed in your home, with extra batteries available?

Is sleepwear fire retardant? Check the labels to be sure.

Are safety gates set up to keep baby out of harms reach like stairways, fireplaces, and other areas baby shouldn't be?

Are all all small objects, including tiny toys and balloons, away from young children? This will prevent choking and possible death.

Check condition and sturdiness of toys. Discard any with sharp edges or ones that are broken or falling apart.

Is your baby's clothing free of loose buttons and strings.

Is baby's pacifier in good condition? Be sure it isn't coming apart. Never use strings to attach the pacifier to baby's clothes or crib.

Bolt bookshelves to the walls. Climbing little ones can bring the entire unit toppling over on top of them.

The best way to see if you have covered all the bases when it comes to Baby Proofing your home is to get down on your hands and knees and crawl through your house. See what your child is seeing. Have you missed anything?

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