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The Gift of Parenthood

Misty Freeman


Could I have been given anything more precious? Worth more than any diamond, or fine jewel. Far more meaningful than anything paper money could buy. The most exquisite thing I could have ever dreamed of had been granted to me from above! This gift was more lovely than a dew drop glistening on a rose in the early dawn. Twice as delicate and priceless as the most intricately blown crystal. What I had wanted most in all of the world was finally here, lying in my arms. My son. Born only a few hours ago. Already more valuable to me than my very own life.

As I laid there holding him, I could feel the tears well in my eyes. He was a dream come true! No mere words could describe the feelings that were in my heart at that very moment! It was incredible, a true feeling of completeness. At that very instant, my life couldn't have been more fulfilled with my sons father sitting at my side and him in my arms, nothing in this world painted a more perfect picture! As I gently laid my check atop his soft, so delicate little head I could feel his little heart beat. It was so soft, reminding me of the pitter-patter of raindrops on a rooftop. Such a steady, almost musical sound, lulling me to sleep. As exhausted as I was from giving birth I didn't want to give in to the overwhelming need for rest. I wanted to be awake to feel every movement my son made and to feel his every breathe. Just to know he was alive and he was here, with me. I wanted to treasure even the tiniest second. But I couldn't stay awake forever and as I felt myself drifting off into slumber I knew my dreams would be of him.

I heard it as if from a far distant place.....It sounded like a baby, cooing very softly in my ear. I slowly turned my head, and felt a tiny object tap me in the face, as if to say; "hey I'm here, wake up!" Drowsily I opened my eyes, blinking a few times to clear my vision. A whimsical smile formed as I gazed upon the angelic face looking at me. The sun was creeping in through the blinds making what appeared to be a hallow of light around my son. The soft cooing began to change into insistent whines of what could only be hunger! He seemed to know what mommy was doing as his little fingers clenched and unclenched in my sleeping gown. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of his nursing. What a welcome sound it was!

I nestled myself down around him in the hospital bed, taking in every moment. He had that special baby scent, so innocent and pure! As I took his small hand in mine I counted each miniature finger as they tightened around my own. Pulling his blankie back I even included his toes in this fun little game! Oh, what a change this little bundle had brought into my life in such a short period! All of the necessary pain I had been through to bring him into the world had definitely been worth it. It was a experience I wouldn't want to ever forget, one of the most momentous times of a woman's life!

I was already so protective of him and we hadn't even left the hospital yet.. I wondered if all mothers felt the same way I did? Of course they did! To receive a gift such as this, any mother would gladly give her own life for her child's.

Lying there with my newborn son, I began to daydream of what it would be like on our way home, and the joyous times ahead of us! The enjoyment of bathing him and lathering him with baby lotion and powder, the cute little clothes I already had at home waiting just for him...I had even bought baby food already, I knew it would be a while before he ever needed it but it was just something I couldn't help but do. A mothers instinct I guess you would say! I felt like I was floating on waves of pure joy. This gift had been given to me for a reason. It didn't matter to me why God had blessed me in such a way, what mattered was how thankful I was to my heavenly father for allowing me to bring such a perfect little person into the world! Gazing down at his little face in such sweet slumber, I vowed from that day forward I would protect him from all harm and hate, that I would guard him with my own life. I would give up everything for this most precious gift. My son.

Misty Freeman is a freelance writer and stay at home Mom of 3 children.
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