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guest Sep 29, 2014 07:19:35 AM ET

Me and my boyfriend barely use protection and i am on birth control, and i haven't gotten pregnant yet. the past couple weeks, i have been very tired, nauseous, cravings, and i have had cramps and sore breasts. could i possibly be pregnant now after being safe for over a year?

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guest Sep 8, 2014 07:02:35 AM ET

I am 20 weeks pregnant, and i keep having bad dreams that wake me right up. tonight my sister was being taken away by a shark, and i was trying to save her. any advice?

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xyz fear Aug 18, 2014 12:40:24 AM ET

I'm pregnant of seven months and having dreams of bad souls and jin coming to pick me. i awake after every hour. please help.

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Guest Jun 29, 2014 03:23:08 PM ET

I still have yet to get my period, and my partner and i use protection 90% of the time, with spermicide to boost. i was pregnant before, even though i was on birth control as mentioned before. unfortunately, i had a miscarriage. but now we thought we had another scare, but a pregnancy test said negative. is it too soon to tell? i am nauseous all the time, and i'm having nightmares, sore breasts and weight gain.

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Lori Jun 13, 2014 12:44:47 AM ET

I had my period on the 1st of june and finished mid-day on the 6th of june. since the 6th, me and my partner have had unprotected sex everyday at least once. for the past four nights i've had dreams about being pregnant and everyone being so happy for me. though just last night i had a dream that i had a baby, and was in the store, and someone stole my baby. i was terrified and woke up crying yelling at my partner, "someone took our child." it was so realistic, and all my dreams have been when i dream about being pregnant. this has happened for four nights now. could this be a very very early sign on my body telling me i'm pregnant? or going to be?

Kaitlyn Oct 16, 2014 12:36:26 PM ET

I've always noticed that when your having dreams about birth, that someone you know or close to are about to die. if you have a dream about someone dying, it normally means you or someone you know is pregnant, and you don't know about it yet. i dreamed of birth and a few days later, i found out my mother died. it was ten days before my 21st birthday. lately, i have been having dreams of me dying and i'm wondering if i'm pregnant now.

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Guest May 23, 2014 05:13:36 PM ET

I've had very real weird dreams for the last week and half. i'm not on birth control (2 weeks) anymore. since then my boyfriend and i have had unprotected sex. i've been feeling very sick for for a week every morning but not actually getting sick. could i be pregnant?

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Guest Mar 30, 2014 03:18:42 PM ET

I have weird strange nightmares and i over heat and wake up sweating and feel sick. i have felt like this for about four or five weeks. i was on the injection and came off of it for a few months and went back on it because i was having unprotected sex with my ex partner. i was stupid enough to go back and tell the doctor i was having safe sex when i wasn't because i was with my mum and she would of killed me. so they did the pregnancy test and it came out negative, but before that i had unprotected sex days before i went back for it. i hope if i'm pregnant it doesn't harm the baby. my ex left me for a younger girl. i just don't know if i'm feeling nauseous, sick, having nightmares, sweats and stomach pains because of stress. i hope someone can help me. x

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Guest Nov 19, 2013 01:55:47 AM ET

I have been having weird dreams one was about zombies and i actually felt it grab my foot then last night i dreamed about my grandpa. he has past away but it felt so real i usually don't have dreams. i have been extremely tired and thirsty like i cant get enough i am always needing to go to the bathroom. i am always hungry even 15 to 20 min after i ate but every time i get dune eating i feel like i am going to throw up. could i be pregnant?

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Dorayla Jul 2, 2013 03:49:47 PM ET

Hi i'm 36 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby, last night i had a horrible dream about i was in my boyfriend job i was arguing with him and he kick me out .. as i was walking down the stairs i was in pain ... n gave birth to my baby i was crying i rap her up in a blanket and ask somebody to please help me call me a ambulance or to please take me to the hospital nobody wanted to help me i was crying and stress my baby was dying and i couldn't take it ... then she dye in my arms .., i force myself to wake up n i woke up in tears very horrible dream .. what does it mean ??

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Guest Apr 2, 2013 04:29:39 PM ET

I have been having some symptoms one of the most recent is i just woke up crying hysterically from a horendous nightmare about my grandmother dying and the night before i woke up crying about a dream where i found out my husband was cheating on me and that he had never loved me i have also been having lots of lower back pain a little bit of nausia constant thirst and constant need to urinate and sometome i get little twinges of pain in my lower abdomin me and my husband have been trying to concieve could i be pregnant and how soon should i test i havent miss my peiod yet but i should be having it next week

Jade May 23, 2013 12:26:57 PM ET

This is the exact same as me! it's been happening for as long as my symptoms about a week and a half! i've had pelvic cramps lower back pain eating loads my emotions have been crazy and i've even had a milky white discharge, plus nightmares (but different ones) every night! i'm just waiting to see if i come on or not!

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