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tiana Jul 16, 2012 06:09:35 AM ET

How come my period was light and only last 4 day's?

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briia Jun 19, 2012 08:06:30 AM ET

My period isn't supposed to cme on till the 21 or 23 at the latest. this month i had unprotected sex at the end of may an beginning of june. i startedd spotting on the 11th it was bright.. then looked brownish and was getting heavier its now the 19th and its back bright and i'm having sharp pains in my lower stomach. could i be pregnant or should i see a doctor for an irregular period.

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kavya Jun 14, 2012 01:53:22 AM ET

I got period 31st of may. we had sex on 5th /june. when can i do the pregnancy test.

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lynn May 30, 2012 02:49:14 AM ET

Oka i'm seriously confused in the month of april i had unprotected sex and the guy came in me and i had a period this month which may and had my period on may 8th i think it was. but it wasn't really normal to me and now its the almost the end of may and i'm having light brown spotting what should i do ? take a pregnancy test or is this normal i'm scared? help pllease anyone?

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Anne Apr 2, 2012 01:55:37 PM ET

I'm. 18 experiencing multiple pregnancy symptoms : nausea (not vomiting) increased appitite sharp pain in lower stomach back pain bloated ect. my last period was very short faint bleeding i didn't need anytype of pad/tampon. when i took my first pregnancy test it was negative. now i'm experiencing more symptoms and my mother who's a doctor suggested to really take a test before my next period. i'm sure its going to be positive. i'm slightly scared & need reassurence. is it okay to be scared?

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Previous Feb 29, 2012 07:45:19 PM ET

My last period was jan 3,2012. i took a blood pregnancy test and it was negative. i was told i could still be pregnant because i missed a month and i never do my period is regular. two days ago i saw light pink when i whipped. today it's more it looks like my mense is coming on. could i still be pregnant???

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