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How Long After Intercourse Can I Take a Pregnancy Test? Comments & Discussion | Page 5

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Jessica Mar 6, 2013 10:41:07 PM ET

I met this guy we been dating for two weeks but only had intercourse a weeks time. today is wensday we started being sexual on friday two weeks ago. im very tired and feel sick to my stomach also minor headaches. is it to early only after two week of intercourse to have pregnancy symptoms?

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tina Jan 26, 2013 10:08:52 PM ET

I i have my period to th to the seventh i have s i have sex on the seventh i have been feeling very sic and throwin and throwing up my period is due on the 4th my breast tingles from time to time. could i be prego.

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Marie g. Nov 14, 2012 03:47:06 AM ET

Hi i had unprotected sex and started to use birth control 2 days later i have been taking them every day for over a week but i feel like trowing up every time i eat nd my stomach hurts could i b preg????????

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Kisha May 8, 2012 05:17:15 AM ET

I haven't had my minstrel cycle in 3 mos

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Adriana Apr 24, 2012 06:57:37 PM ET

I got my period on 3/30/12 and i all ways have eregulor periods well i had sex on 4/14/12 no condom and am still having sex with my partner of 2 years with out out protection can i be pregnent i feel very tiyerd,noseated in the mornings some times in the day time i crave things alot and have lower abdominal pain like if i was going to get my perios but all that hapens when i go to the rest room is urin alot so con i be pregnent i all so have been feeling head akes but after i take the prenatel pill it seems to help and go away i get dizzy some times to so can some one help me

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Callie Dec 19, 2011 06:48:02 AM ET

My boyfriend and i are trying to conceive.. he came in me nov 24 25 26 & 27 i started my period the 5th of dec but only lasted a few days ..took a prego test dec 12th showed negative took one dec 13th showed invalid ... how long do i need to wait for another test.. i just recently had a child but has passed away when he was 3 weeks old so i know the chance of getting prego are a lot higher than normal

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me Aug 5, 2011 06:13:43 PM ET

Hi.i already get irregular periods.two weekends ago my boyfriend and i were having sex.the condom broke and we did not realize til after the end. people say you should wait til you get your missed cycle til you test.well i have irregular periods. when would the best time for me to test be ? is two weeks long enough, and i can test now? does anyone know and thank you.

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MIAsunsh Feb 7, 2011 04:18:21 AM ET

Hey just becoming a member, glad to be in! i'm dani and i'm inspired by life, i enjoy working and getting balanced :) sooo anyways, enough about me, see you all around and hello again haha. btw where is the option to change the little picture thingy like some people have, i like it but can't figure it out haha

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nicole Jan 4, 2009 08:46:48 PM ET

How long after you find out your pregnant will you start getting sick

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