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Mandy Aug 22, 2012 11:18:45 AM ET

Menstural start day was 8/08/12 cycle length is usually 28. estimated ovulation date was the 19th. intimacy on the 17th and the 19th. rode my bike 3.5 miles monday morning, abnormal cramping and a pinkish color in discharge. i ride every day and am physically active on a constant basis. wasn't sure how soon "implantation bleeding" could occur. would like to know if i should even be concerned with the possibilities of being pregnant.

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Bobbie Aug 14, 2012 05:52:48 PM ET

My doctor started me on clomid 50 mg and i had a positive ovulation test on aug. 11th and also had sex with my husband that same night now im having a white milky thick discharge that has no odor or burning and itching accompanied by it is it possible that i could be pregnant already? ive had nausea, constantly hard nipples, cramping in my lower pelvic area, fatigue, headaches and lower back pain

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pinki Jul 24, 2012 02:18:02 AM ET

Hi my last period was 6 july 2012 .how can i know i m pargnant . can i check the blood test? i can't understand what can i do . please help me

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tracy Jun 25, 2012 08:11:32 PM ET

A month so ago i had sex n the day afta i had my periods. my breasts are tender, i hav back pains n slight cramping. in need of our help

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kaitlyn Jun 11, 2012 11:00:21 PM ET

Well i had sex three times last week the 2nd of june unprotected. i'm not supposed to get my period till.the 16th june but in the sixth i started to spot. idk if its implantion bleeding or wat

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jay May 29, 2012 10:45:16 AM ET

My period was every 28days but now i keep missin or my bad its just may be late did the same thing lost month

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pink May 13, 2012 11:19:57 PM ET

Hey i got my period on april 22 and had unproted sex and now i'm feeling light cramping can i be prgenant

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ashley Apr 13, 2012 05:37:51 PM ET

Hey im 15 and i had unprotected sex a little bit ago. i was drinking that night and me and the guy werent sure if he 'pulled out' fast enough. well i have been reseraching trying to find some answers and i have had lower back pains, my nipples hurt and so do my boobs. ive noticeed some bleeding and that discharge stuff. im really scared... help me..

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paige Apr 12, 2012 08:46:33 PM ET

I got off my rag on 4/8/2012 had sex that same day and on wed my boobs started to hurt and got cramps feels like i should still b on my rag can someone help me

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Alexis Mar 28, 2012 08:57:27 PM ET

Hey doc i'm 19yo and have been having irregular periods since 4th grade. this year for the past 2 months (january & february) i've been bleeding fine (usuall i skip a month). this month last week i had a sexual encounter with my lover he came twice and i haven't had a period none this month; i know it's a possibility i might be with child, and i might have a period in april. doc i know the best thing for me to do is take a teastand see my own doc; but i'm seeking your answer before hand. and i keep having these headaches and a slight pain flew threw my upper left side of my stomach. (four finger above the belly button the pain was where the thumb is located).

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