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lee Apr 1, 2015 04:04:31 AM ET

My last period was on 2/10/15 until about 2/15/15 or so. I had sex on ovulation day and now 2-3 days later, I’m having cramps and seeing a little blood when I go to bathroom. I’m not due for period for another 10 days. Could I be pregnant?

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muff28 Mar 29, 2015 09:07:22 PM ET

Hi guys. My doctor has me on provera and clomid 50mg. I took the provera from 3/1/15 to 3/10/15. Then, my period started on the 3/14/15. Then, I started the clomid on 3/15/15 to 3/20/15. My period stopped on 3/19/15. Will this medicine work? Has anyone tried it?

Ree Apr 9, 2015 05:46:49 PM ET

Yes babe, stay positive, after having four miscarriages and trying to have a baby for 5 years i got referred to the fertility clinic and they put me on clomid 50mg. i deciding that i was going to keep myself busy during the first cycle of clomid, going out with my friends and family as trying to have a baby was starting to take over myself and my partners lives. i thought to myself that it may take a few cycles before i conceived, but by the grace of god, i conceived during the first cycle. i'm not a doctor, but i will tell you to not give up hope. four years on and i have two health girls, 1 years old and 3 years old.

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Guest Mar 17, 2015 10:47:10 PM ET

My last period was on the 12th of Feb 2015. I was ovulating was between 5/3/15 and 7/3/15. I had sex when I was at my high fertility. I had sex on 14/3/15, and later that afternoon I was bleeding, which I thought was my period and it lasted 2 days. I've got cramps and I'm on HRT. I've taken 2 tests, both negative. Maybe I don't have any HCG detected. Help.

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aj Mar 6, 2015 04:03:51 PM ET

I had my last period on the 3rd of Feb 2015. Myself and my partner had sex on fertile days as we are trying to conceive. I'm late for my next period today. I woke up and went to the loo, and when I wiped, there was a brown stringy like jelly discharge and a hint of pink. I have had no pain like I would during a normal period. I only have slight pain on my right side, which didn't last long. I have also been suffering from headaches and a back ache (lower). I have done a few test before this morning, but they said negative. I have been to the loo a few times during today, and it was light brown. I put a pad on this morning and there is hardly anything on it. Just a slight light brown. If anyone has the same thing, or can advise me I would really appreciate it. thanks

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Guest Mar 4, 2015 04:34:28 PM ET

I had a period on 14 Feb. I am on siphene and normoz tab as I'm having bu and pcos. I had intercourse from 24 Feb to 2 March. Is there a chance I'm pregnant? There is a pain on my right side, and also back pain. Waiting for reply.

nikki Aug 27, 2016 05:38:30 AM ET

Hi there, i have the same symptoms and some pain on my right side! am i pregnant?

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Donna Mar 4, 2015 06:22:19 AM ET

Hi everyone. Okay the last day of my last period was on February 24th, and 3 days later I started getting a brownish discharge only when I would wipe. It lasted me 3 days only though. I was wondering if maybe it was implantation? Maybe pregnant? Help!!!!

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design Mar 3, 2015 08:36:27 AM ET

I had my period on the 11 of Feb 2015, and I took fertomid-50 on the second day of my period. From the 20th to 22nd of Feb, we had sex. Is there a possibility of getting pregnant?

Natasha Mar 16, 2015 07:55:24 PM ET

How long are your cycles?

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confused Mar 2, 2015 01:31:06 PM ET

I usually come on my menstrual period heavy around the 7th. My period came in January real late, but I did have some bleeding. A little later that month, I missed all of Feb, and now I'm very sick. But, I had also had the same symptom in early Jan. I wasn't able to go in for work. Do you think I could have been pregnant at that time?

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DeadAngel Feb 27, 2015 01:27:12 AM ET

Hi. I started my last period on February 8th, and ended my period on February 12th. Then, on February 24th, I had some spotting for only a few hours. It was a pinkish brownish color. What could this mean?

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DeadAngel Feb 27, 2015 01:21:35 AM ET

Hi. I started my last period on February 8th, and it ended on February 12th. Then, on February 24th, I had some spotting for only a few hours. It was a pinkish brownish color. What could this mean?

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