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Melissa Mar 7, 2011 09:46:37 PM ET

I am 8 days away from my period and i have been extremely tired (going to bed 2 hours early because of the fatigue) for the past 2 days. Today I have had a moderate but dull back ache all day and on and off again cramps (feels like menstrual cramps). I took a HPT this morning but it was negative. Can these be signs of early pregnancy?

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Lisa Jan 20, 2011 02:42:36 AM ET

Anna from Kentucky, first of all I'm not here to look for advice on getting pregnant, but I have to tell you that I wouldn't say such things. Is this how you want your kids talking to people? Be aware that Karma will always win in the end!

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misty Jan 15, 2011 10:15:06 PM ET

Well my husband & I have been trying for 1 year this month (jan 2011). We have used 2 ovulation kits. The first kit worked, but I miscarried the baby at 10 weeks. We are using our 2nd kit now. We have 1 happy & healthy 2 1/2 year old, & we desire a big family but its taken us much longer than expected. From everything I have went through in this past year, I can only say to everyone who reads this, IT JUST HAS TO BE GODS TIMING.

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Temicrown Dec 22, 2010 09:18:56 AM ET

My last mestrual period started on the 5TH of december and stopped on 10th. When are my fertile periods? Also i had sex on the 16th 17th and 20th. Is it likely i get opregnant on these days? Thank you.

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Teresa Dec 5, 2010 04:42:30 AM ET

If you have POS you must loose weight if you ever want to get pregnant. Stop eating sugar and eat less carbs. Walk at least 10 minutes a day to keep the cells in your body moving. Take your vitamins and eat plenty of friuts and vegetables. Trust me it will work. It worked for me twice (:

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Sarah Herman Nov 30, 2010 04:47:00 AM ET

I have a question or two, and need some advice! I had sex with my boyfriend on one of my most fertile days before ovulation and we didnt use protection but he pulled out. 3-5 days after ovulation ive been having slight cramping and backaches and have been very tired at the end of the day. Ive some headaches off and on as well. My breasts are a little tender but nothing i'd think of as being a symptom to being pregnant..My first day of my last period was on Nov. 11th...I should get my next period on Dec. 10th. Any advice if i should take a preg. test? Or what else these symptoms could be related to? Thanks!

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Sam Nov 28, 2010 07:44:29 AM ET

My last period was the 7th-the 11th of this month, my fiancÚ and I have been trying for 3 months now w no luck he downloaded an ovulation calendar on his phone n it said i should be most likely 2 ovulate between the 19th and 25th we had sex every day and on the 23rd I had some of the symptoms of ovulation sensitive nipples, the ring in the underwear thing n what not and on the 24th I had a cramp on my right side which I read when ur ovary releases the egg it'll cramp on that side, so here it is the 28th n I feel Nauseous, achey, peed 62 times today n I'm not due for my period till the 1st week of December could I already be pregnant or going nuts? Ty for ur help :)

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isabella Nov 21, 2010 10:40:22 PM ET

Katerina- do look up Luteal Phase defect. this is a condition where the time between ovulation is too short, not allowing your body time for the egg to attach in time. normal people would have their period 12-14 days after ovulation, anything lower than 10ays is an indication ofluteal phase defect. it is a form of infertility, BUT the easiest to fix. normally vitamin B6 and B12 are recommended buy the Dr and progesterone cream the week after ovulation. i hope that helps? my period was coming 6 days after ovulation and after taking B6 and B12 for three months I am now up to 11 days. fingers crossed.

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Brenda Nov 15, 2010 09:41:53 PM ET

I'm 29 and I had been on BC for 10 years up until almost 2 months ago now. 31 days after being off the pill I got my first period(fertility runs in my familiy)My husband and I decided we would start to try, so my last period started on Oct.15 we TTC between Oct.28 and Nov.2, it is now Nov. 15 and still no period but I have tested 2 other times for pregnancy with 2 negatives. Is it possible any possible egg has not implanted yet? I have been having cramping today but no spotting or full out period yet. I know I could still have it tomorrow, but I was just wondering if anyone else's cycle was this long and if they had to wait this long to find out if they were prego or not.

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Geortia Nov 14, 2010 08:30:39 PM ET

Boy, it sounds like it's about impossible to really detect pregnancy before you're able to confirm it with a pregnancy test. I've found that charting has helped me, however. I had my son a year ago and we're trying again. If I take my temp each morning before I get out of bed, I can usually detect the thermal shift just after I ovulate. I also have a thermal dip for the two days that I do ovulate. My husband and I have intercourse for 5 days (each day) prior to ovulation. Charting may really help if you're trying!

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