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Implantation of a Fertilized Egg Comments & Discussion | Page 28

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Aisha May 1, 2010 08:54:37 AM ET

Hey, i had my period on 4/6/10 -4/11/10 and ovulated on 4/17/10 me and my partner had sex 4/17-4/18/10 i started having pregnancy symptoms on 4/23//10 and went to my doc 4/28/10 to measure my hcg beta level(blood test) and it was less than 2 now today 5/1/10 af was due and no signs of it is it possible i am pregnant but took the blood test to early???

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HM Apr 28, 2010 02:31:13 PM ET

To jody, it sounds like your last period was a period (which means you were not pregnant) and if you had a negative pregnancy test then you were either not pregnant or it was too early for the test to work properly. that said, i would seriously reconsider having a child with someone if you are not going to be faithful to them. if you can't handle the commitment involved with a monogamous relationship, can you handle the responsibility of being a mom??????

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jens Apr 28, 2010 04:33:12 AM ET

This all thing is quite confusing

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Jody Apr 23, 2010 11:44:09 AM ET

Hi please help me:-( i did a test 4 days ago it is positive was not due on until about now 4/5 days on from positive test , was a clear blue conception indicator i did 2 both said 1-2 wks since conception. did 1 today 4 days later says 2-3 wks since conception . here is the problem :-( i had sex all through from my lst period on the 25th march now got a positive result which is brilliant ad we are trying but on the 5th march i made a big mistake and had intercourse with someone else my period before was the 14th feb so would of been ovulating around the 5th :-( i'm worried now that my period on the 25th which was late was not a period? what if i was pregnant weeks ago? although i did a test a week ago it was negative, only now getting positives, i regret what i did so much i don't know what to do i don't know if the conception indicator is accurate? please take the time to help me :-( i'm feeling sick with worry x

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lissa Apr 12, 2010 11:07:04 AM ET

To meg in kansas..from what i gathered implantation bleeding may or may not happen at all. doesnt mean yr not pregnant tho. the only 'true' test is a pregnancy test once youv missed yr period. x

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Kitty Hampton Apr 8, 2010 08:47:54 PM ET

The "could i be pregnant?" questions crack me up. if you had unprotected sex, yes, you could be pregnant. but having random symptoms doesn't mean that you are ku. it probably just means you're paying attention more than you were before.

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hoping to be Apr 7, 2010 02:48:01 PM ET

Mimi,california are you pregnant?

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Texas Apr 1, 2010 10:05:46 PM ET

Ur letenal phase is not long enough try vitamin b6

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Keda Mar 29, 2010 06:06:24 PM ET

I had my period 3.22.10 it was over 3.26.10 my ovulation starts 3.28.10 i have my periods every 3 weeks my boyfriend came inside me once and the other 3 times it was around my vagina we really want a baby so we had sex 3.27-28.10 around ovulation do you think i can be pregnant

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Ellie Mar 18, 2010 08:52:42 PM ET

Most women do not experience implantation bleeding, in fact, it is very rare. most people don't feel symptoms of pregnancy until at least 10 days past ovulation. that is ussually the bare minnimum. it is possible that you ovulated earlier than you thought! in that case, take a hpt in about 3-5 days. there is only one way to tell if you are prego, a test!! until then, baby dust to all of you:)

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