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Brena Dec 13, 2009 11:40:40 AM ET

Yes i'm concerned!!!! i'm tryna to get pregnant since aug now and just a few weeks ago i've been feeling tired, and i've start noticing some bleeding. i have frequent headaches often i'm pose to start my period tomorrow. what's goin on what should i do???? :( help

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K Nov 27, 2009 01:26:51 PM ET

I had some spotting and a headache for about a week, i have awful cramps, like period cramps...along with lower back pain, is that normal? i have 7 days until my period is due, so i cant do a pregnancy test yet, however, i feel rather tired and awful, my last pregnancy was different i didnt realise i was pregnant until i did a test!

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Meg Nov 18, 2009 04:31:08 PM ET

In what week would you see implantation bleeding? it's been 3 weeks since my partner and i made love, should i have seen implantation by now?

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Barb Freed Nov 12, 2009 09:40:40 PM ET

I have a question regarding what percentage of eggs that are fertilized are never make it to implantation. we heard that it is 50%, and that seems quite high. where might i find this information? thank you!

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