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All Day Morning Sickness

Jerri Colonero, RN, BS


Q. Can morning sickness occur in the afternoon or at night rather than in the morning? I feel fine until I have something to eat, then I feel sick.

A. Although it is called morning sickness, the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy can occur at any time, day or night. It occurs in about half of all pregnancies and normally is confined to the first three months of pregnancy.

You mentioned that nausea occurs mainly when you eat. Try eating as soon as you begin to feel hungry. Eating small meals rather than three big meals, decreases nausea. Having a snack at bedtime or if you wake up during the night may also help. Have dry toast, crackers, or dry cereal on your bedside table to eat slowly before you get up. Eat slowly and chew well. Most importantly, drink fluids an hour before or an hour or two after eating rather than with your meals.

Specific fluids that keep calories up and tend to not cause nausea as well as a large list of foods to avoid are listed in my book on pages 41-42. The list is too extensive for here. I think you will find this information helpful also.

Jerri Colonero RN

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