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Signs of Pregnancy With a Negative Pregnancy Test

by Jerri Colonero, RN, BS |

I had my last period on Feb 18. I had sex six times during the three days I was fertile. I had a blood test on the 9th of March but my period wasn't due until around the 16th - 20th of March. I am now about 7 to 8 days late. I took a HPT on the 23rd of March. The test was negative but I still have symptoms. Is it possible I can still be pregnant? I was on the pill but I stopped a while ago and I had a period last month.

A. Most pregnancy tests can now detect pregnancy within a day of a missed period. Some companies may claim earlier detection as you mentioned. For any pregnancy tests you should use the first urine in the morning for the most accurate results. You must follow all the directions carefully. It is also important that the container you use be 100% free of detergent residue. Any trace of detergent can cause a false reading.

Some medications can also affect the results of pregnancy tests, especially tranquilizers, antihistamines and of-course fertility drugs.

You should call your doctor and arrange for a pregnancy blood test if you still have not had a period.

Jerri Colonero RN


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Lavany Jan 28, 2015 03:57:54 AM ET

I was suppose to get my period on the 1st of jan. today is the 27th of jan, and still i have not got my period. even the pregnancy test is negative. this is my first experience being this late. can any one help? what would be the reason?

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Rachel Jan 28, 2015 01:52:31 AM ET

Hello, i had my last period on dec 21, 2014 (it lasted 5 days and i get regular periods), then was very sexually active. i took a couple of home pregnancy tests, but all were negative. from what i thought, it was too soon. on jan 27, 2015, i went to pee, and when wiped i saw light blood. so, i took a pregnancy test, and it came out "not pregnant." could there be a possibly of me still being pregnant, even if it's the last days of the month? i don't know if it's my period or pregnant symptoms. what should i do?

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Nikko Jan 25, 2015 10:45:20 PM ET

My last regular period ended 6 weeks ago. i went to the doctor 2 weeks ago for nausea and vomiting. they gave me a pregnancy test, but it was negative. i had the flu, but i was spotting for two days the same week. but, it's been 2 weeks, and i'm still experiencing nausea, and now extreme fatigue, back pain, and hot flashes? (i'm 24) i don't know what to think. could i have taken a test to early? the last time i had unprotected sex was 4 weeks ago. could i still be pregnant? or could the test have been taken too early or possibly be a false negative?

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guest Jan 25, 2015 05:20:38 PM ET

Hello. i had sex on 12/24/14, and now i'm having all types of pregnancy symptoms. today, 1/25/15, i found spotting. my period is irregular, but does this mean that i might be pregnant.

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wondering... Jan 25, 2015 01:46:48 PM ET

I had my period from dec 18-22. i was due for my period on jan 15th, and took 2 tests, one tuesday and one today 1-25-15. both were negative, can i still be pregnant?

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Kristen Jan 25, 2015 08:09:20 AM ET

Hi, my last period was on december 4th, 2014! i missed my period january 1st, and i am suppose to get another on january 29th! i have taken about three or four home pregnancy tests, and all are negative! i'm having nausea after i eat, foods that i liked before i can't stand the smell of, cramping in my abdomen here and there, and lower back pain. no sore breasts though.

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Finn Jan 23, 2015 02:01:01 AM ET

I don't know anything about cycles and basal temperature. i have never taken birth control pills. we use condoms when we have sex. we plan to have a baby this year, so we started to try. this is the first time that i am late for my period. i have had 4 negative tests already, but i feel like i'm pregnant. am i pregnant? please help!

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lashawna Jan 21, 2015 11:28:51 PM ET

I had unprotected sex on november 30, 2014. two days before i ovulated, i had some symptoms. i got my period december the 20th. my period only lasted 3 days, and it was really light, but i was still having the symptoms.

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Guest Jan 20, 2015 05:52:42 PM ET

Could i be pregnant if i'm 9-10 weeks late for my period? i've been to the gp and had negative tests, and a blood test. i'm only 17, and i've never had this experience before.

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Brittney Jan 20, 2015 04:13:16 PM ET

I got my period last month on the 11th, and had sex 4 days after my period. this month, i missed my period. i took a home pregnancy test, and went to a doctor to check. the tests both came back negative, but my breasts are sore and i'm feeling all the symptoms. i'm still worried that i could be pregnant, even though i have two negative pregnancy tests. can someone help me?

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