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Signs of Pregnancy With a Negative Pregnancy Test Comments & Discussion | Page 12

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Kelly Dec 10, 2012 04:51:15 PM ET

I had unprotected sex oct 3 had a normal period oct 6-12...oct 19 i had cleat discharge on oct 24 got my period again till oct 27. nov 19 got period again till nov 24. lots of nausea n dizziness i'm 41. could i be pregnant?

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Nina Nov 28, 2012 02:46:35 PM ET

Hi .. i had sex on saturday the 24th n i got my period on the 25 in the morning it went normal from sunday 25th to the middle of the next day monday 26th then on tuesday it started disappearing n today wednesday it seem like its gone. my period normally last 3 to 5 days i've felt notious could i b pregnant

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momo Nov 18, 2012 11:44:19 AM ET

My bf n i had sex 4dys ago twice n used protection bt for the second tym he put his penis inside without the condom for couple of seconds and i'm scared that the were sperms left bcos he never urinated ,now i'm havin this brownish discharge comin out of me n thought its my periods bt turning pinkish and its 4 days early . is it possible that i'm preggo??

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me! Nov 17, 2012 01:42:13 AM ET

Hi. i took a test a couple days before my missed period , it came back negative... but i had some bleeding, and am still feeling pregnant. is it possible? when should i test again?

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dominique Nov 7, 2012 02:22:20 AM ET

Hi ok so i started bleeding 4 days before my period was due and i was 10 dpo. it started off with only when i wiped but then it was a light flow just a pinkish red colour. it lasted 2 days. i have been having sore breasts, a little nausea, back ache, tiredness really bad, cravings but then i don't feel hungry slightly off types of food, sensitive smell and trouble sleeping. i have had negative hot i'm only 18 and have been with my bf for 2 years. could i be pregnant usually get a 5 day period on the 4th of each month. so confused atm need some advice

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Eluonda Oct 26, 2012 09:48:32 AM ET

If i m 39yrs old can i still get pregnant and period been going crazy and crampin bloating and when i sneeze or cough or walk it hurt sometimes and period last two days or 3 and spot and than stop

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dayday Oct 20, 2012 01:53:41 AM ET

My last period was aug19 and end on the 25 when it was time for my next period i spotted one day then the next day it was gone it's time for my next period and it haven started the only thing i feel is like light cramps it 42days and i haven't had my period i took i test last week it was negative could i be pregnant.

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Tifah Sep 30, 2012 06:06:59 PM ET

Ok, so, i have the essure. i got it three years ago. i never got the chance to get the ink test so i dont know if the essure is in place. i had sex on the 9th and 12th of september and i started to feel sick. i went to planned parenthood and figured out that i had a yeast infection and bv (not caused by sexual activity, but hormonal imbalance) so i was on anti- biotics. when the nurse at pph asked if i had frequant urination i lied and said no so i didnt get a pt. i had a period later this month but it only lasted two days this didnt concern me because i have always been blessed with short periods:) but i have been feeling really weird. i took a home pregnancy test later after but this was after i had taken a detox drink my hpt came out negative ... what could be going on??

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crystal Sep 23, 2012 06:27:06 PM ET

Hi i'm having some pregnancy symptoms and my period is due in a few days i took a few tests and they came back negative but i'm on medication so can that have an affect on the negative result?

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Mel Aug 16, 2012 12:37:17 PM ET

I had spotting or at least that's what it looked like, my feet swell, i have morning sickness every now and then, and i'm really moody most of the time. i've gained a little weight and i have marks on my stomach. could i be pregnant?

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