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Diana Oct 4, 2016 03:34:42 PM ET

I had a baby boy in june 2016 but lost him in july 2016. i had my first menses in august and expected to see it again in september but, didn't come. and we are in october now. could it be pregnancy? because i've tested negative four times with the urine test.

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Shelby Apr 12, 2015 03:29:07 AM ET

So this last august, i had sex and we only used a condom half the time. my period has always been irregular but usually get it every 4(ish) months for 2-3 weeks. but since then, i've gotten it once in december for 5 days. i'm a bigger girl and have always maintained or lost weight, but i've gained weight. i've also been really constipated. i haven't really paid attention to any possible movement, i've never been pregnant so i'm not sure what i may feel. i have random abdomen pains for maybe 3 seconds every few days lately but i'm not sure what it could be. i'm only 19 and have no idea what to think or do, any suggestions? do you think it could be a cryptic pregnancy?

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anon Apr 10, 2015 12:30:38 AM ET

Tomorrow, i'll be 8 days late. i've taken 5 tests, all negative. i have always had a regular period with no complications. the last couple of days, i've been having period like cramps, but no period. this morning when i wiped (sorry for the tmi) there was a little pink streak on the toilet paper. the beginning of my period doesn't look like that. i was thinking it was possible implantation bleeding? i'm super confused. pregnancy like symptoms but all negative tests. any ideas? thanks!

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chelle Apr 8, 2015 03:35:45 AM ET

i'm so confused. since i had a miscarriage last may 2014, i’ve had a regular period. then, this january i haven't had my menses. i took a pregnancy test, but it turned out negative. but, my family says that my belly has become bigger. am i pregnant or not? can someone help me?

momma07 Apr 8, 2015 03:29:59 PM ET

I feel for you. i'm going through the same thing. the question is, do u feel pregnant?

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Angel Apr 5, 2015 11:33:19 AM ET

My period will be two weeks late tomorrow, and i’ve had some symptoms of pregnancy like very sore/tender breasts and even cramping. sometimes the sore breasts come with my period symptoms, but this time they've increased. also, i’ve never cramped for more than two days (including the day my period actually comes); i've been cramping for a week. although, when i woke up this morning my breasts were less sore and tender, and the cramping went away. there's still the fact that i did have sex twice last month the day after my period ceased. i haven't taken a pregnancy test yet because i’m giving it a few more days to make sure my menstrual isn’t just acting funny (since february was a short month). but, does it seem like i could be pregnant? should i take a test?

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momma07 Apr 4, 2015 08:59:59 PM ET

I'm going threw what i believe to be a cryptic pregnancy. in a normal world i am 12 weeks pregnant, but cannot get a consistent bfp. i have only had 3 faint bfp, and about 12 bfn including blood tests. no doctor will help me, and with this not being my 1st, 2nd ,or even 3rd rodeo ( preg # 7) i'm very positive about what it feels like to be pregnant. also, to add to my complications, i had my tubes tied last year, so no it's not a phantom. i'm going crazy, and looking for other mommas that are or have gone through this.

marjorie Apr 8, 2015 08:05:53 AM ET

As i'm reading your post i am shaking. me too. i'm going through the same thing, except i have been bleeding every month for one or two days. my belly is big (my waist line). my butt is huge. i even have the dark line. i know i'm pregnant, but i can't prove it. the only one who believes me is my fiance. i'm going crazy. i had 3 urine tests, one ultrasound, and i'm scheduled for another one in about 14 weeks.

momma07 Apr 8, 2015 03:26:02 PM ET

Trust me when i tell you are not crazy, i bled as well. my normal period was always around the 15th of every month.... a full 7-10 days and heavy!!! january was normal and all that changed in feb!!! instead of it coming on the 15th(ish) it hit me on the 6th, very light and only lasted for 3 days. it's been like that ever since. i've taken over a dozen hpt tests, have had about 3 blood tests, and 2 ultrasounds. nadda nadda and nadda. it's bad not having proof, and being scared to show it off. only you know your body, but especially if you have been pregnant before. how far along do you think you are?

mommaof3 Nov 19, 2016 09:27:57 AM ET

I had my tubes tied the same day my youngest was born (13 now). and 3 years ago i went to dr because i was feeling off and having light bleeding for 2 weeks after my period and went to bed one day, when taking my bra off i thought my breasts were going to explode, they hurt so bad but never did i think pregnancy could be a possibility. so went to dr thinking i had cancer or something. after a few questions from nurse and doc they ask "can you be pregnant" of course i laughed and said hell no. they said they were gonna go ahead and test anyway. i was on my phone making jokes about it to my friends when i hear a huge commotion and then doc comes in and shuts door with her foot and informed me i was indeed pregnant! went to $ store with friend and went back to her place and took 10 tests, all positive. anyways, that weekend my spotting went to bleeding and i miscarried. went to specialist the next day after appointment with regular dr and she, and none of the other drs could give me any answers as to whether it could happen again or not or it was possible to have normal pregnancy again. well three yrs later my period is 9 days late, had weird spotting for days after regular period just like before except the spotting stopped this time. i've taken 10 tests with weird results that i can't make out and the positive faint pencil off center test strips don't show until after time limit. don't know what's up with all these shitty tests now days. anyways it is very possible for your tubes to grow back especially if you had them done young and in the past 10 to 20 years ago. hope it helps ... fyi i am 33 now and had my tubes tied at age 19.

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Guest Apr 2, 2015 08:22:24 PM ET

Hello. i'm confused. i'm now 7 days late, but 3 hpts were negative. i'm having some symptoms like sore breasts light cramping, tired, and urinating more. could i still be pregnant, even though the tests were negative?

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rita Apr 2, 2015 03:38:55 PM ET

I am 29 days late and i've thrown up a few times. also, i have 3 negative pregnancy tests. what could it be? i don't feel pregnant, and i've been pregnant 2 times. i do understand that every pregnancy is different though.

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rose Apr 2, 2015 06:52:34 AM ET

I'm 22 years old. i have a normal menstruation, but last january through now i’ve had missed period. it’s 3 months delayed, but i took a pregnancy test 3 times in every month. they always come back with a negative result. i feel the signs of being pregnant. my stomach has gotten bigger, i feel movement in my stomach, and my breasts have gotten bigger. could i pregnant?

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Angel Mar 31, 2015 05:32:19 PM ET

I think i'm having a cryptic pregnancy. i was diagnosed with pcos in august 2014. so i started the pill. in october 2014, i was on the pill, and my last day taking the pill was october 14,2014. i had a period the next day, october 15. i don't really remember the dates, but a couple days after my period, i had unprotected sex. about a week later when my next period was expected, i was at the doctor and i used the bathroom. i then saw light pink blood, so i'm think i'm about to come on my period and so i left the doctor and went home. i put on a pad. about an hour passed, and the pad was completely white. there wasn't a drip of blood on the pad, which showed that the blood was gone. i then go to the doctor and took a urine and blood pregnancy test, and they were both negative. i had no period in november or decembe, but i had one in january and i had one in february, both with clots. i didn't have one in march. i haven't really had any symptoms besides that implantation bleeding. i don't look pregnant, because i'm kind of overweight, but i sometimes feel what feels like a baby kick, but i'm still not sure. i don't really see any nipple change. should i get an ultrasound, or am i over thinking???

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