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Signs of Pregnancy With a Negative Pregnancy Test Comments & Discussion | Page 6

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Morgan Dec 19, 2014 10:24:53 AM ET

Please someone help me! i had a four day period on 12/3/14 until 12/6/14. i had sex with my boyfriend five days straight before my period, and then multiple times after my period. it is now 12/19/14, and i am very sick with the signs of pregnancy. i'm trying to figure out if i conceived before or after my period. the only thing is, i don't want the conceived date before 11/7/14, because then that means that my boyfriend isn't the father. it would be my ex boyfriend. i'm in a terrible situation. i still need to take a test. if i am pregnant, when would it be that i conceived?

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nina Dec 18, 2014 02:29:43 PM ET

Hi. i am 8 days late for my period, and i took 3 home pregnancy test. all were negative. could i still be pregnant?

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florence Dec 17, 2014 03:08:01 AM ET

I had miscarriage september and saw my period on the 19th of october. i saw my period again the 19th of november, but it lasted for 3 days. i have been having symptoms like storing spit in my mouth and always feeling tired. could this be that i am pregnant? i just saw my period again on the 17th of dec, but it was not heavy.

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Jay Dec 14, 2014 06:05:07 PM ET

I'm 8 days late. i took a pregnancy test since the first day of a missed period, once in the morning, and one at night. they were all negative! what's up? could someone please help?

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Guest Dec 14, 2014 04:29:15 AM ET

The last period i had since having sex was on october 25. a week later, i started experiencing extreme sleepiness. i am craving cheetos and oranges. i have a metallic taste in my mouth. my period came a day early in november, but it was dark and lasted 4 days with mild cramping. i still feel the same. my nipples feel tingly everyday. i have taken two negative tests. should i take another test?

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Becca.TTC#1 Dec 13, 2014 09:22:49 AM ET

Hi. i'm 29. i'm on a 39 day cycle. it used to be a 28 day cycle until i miscarried on 11/11/13. since then, i've been on a 39 day cycle. my last period was 10/28/14, and i was due for a period on 12/6/14. i had some brownish discharge on 12/6/14 for 2 days, but now nothing. i took a test on 12/8/14, but it was negative. is it possible i'm pregnant? i'm more fatigued than usual and i'm nauseous. i usually have a bad sense of smell, but here lately i smell it all. also, my breast are killing me and my uterus feels like its growing. what do i do now?

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monika Dec 11, 2014 09:12:17 AM ET

I'm late for my period. it supposed to come in november. i had my last period in october. it always lasts for 2 weeks, but i'm almost three weeks late i've taken a pregnancy test, and it came out negative. i'll wait until i'm 3 weeks and do another one. i have some of the pregnancy symptoms. can someone can help me with what to do? i turn three weeks late this week. should i take another one on monday?

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Help Dec 8, 2014 04:41:49 PM ET

I had a miscarriage on october 3rd. i got my period 34 days later and my period was due again the 4th. i have a lot of symptoms, and have a two year old, so i know how it feels. i feel pregnant, but i have taken multiple 1st response tests and they all say negative. does anyone have any advice?

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hanna Dec 8, 2014 05:33:56 AM ET

Hi i am 25 years old and i am 10 days late. i took a hpt and it was negative. i have a strong sense of smell and get queezy if i smell smoke or eggs being made. how long should i still wait before i take another test? my period started on the 31st and ended 4th of nov. it was supposed to start on the 28th of nov, but there is still no sign of period. i want to conceive.

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Madi Dec 4, 2014 07:31:18 PM ET

My period was on oct 17th, and now it's dec 4th. i missed my period, and my pregnancy test came back negative. i'm getting worried here. i have never missed it.

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