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Gentle Discipline For Your Toddler


I can't believe that a society with as much physical violence that we have aren't making the connection between the way we discipline our children and how violent many children are growing up to be. It is amazing how many people try to solve their child's behavioral problems by using violence. I have never known a parent to hit their child and feel good afterward. Most often they feel AWFUL! Not only does violent discipline hurt physically and emotionally, but a child who has been spanked is prone to low self-esteem and depression as an adult. Isn't the guilt pain we feel as a parent telling us something? Isn't it our instincts yelling out to find a new way of disciplining? Discipline is all about teaching your child, not punishing your child. Children need to learn that there are limits. What matters the most is what you teach your child after every incident without disrespecting the child. You want to teach them about limits with love.

If you know someone who is a spanker, chances are they were spanked. Spanking is a reaction to a stressful situation and for most adults who have been spanked as a child, it is a reflex. It is time to break the chain! Stop the violence here and now. Find gentle solutions that will work for both you and your family and go with them. It may take trying a few different methods or using different methods off and on but in the end, gentle discipline works. It takes more thought and time than a quick and abusive spank but you teach your child to handle and resolve a situation with love and understanding.

The information contained in this article was taken from Tammy Frissell-Deppe''s book entitled, "Every Parent's Guide to Attachment Parenting: Getting back to basic instincts!"

To learn more about attachment parenting and to get attachment parenting support, information, a free newsletter, products, discussion lists, chats, FAQ's, forums and much more, be sure to visit:

Tammy Frissell-Deppe is a fourth generation attachment parent and has two children with her husband William. Tammy is a Medical Information Specialist as well as an attachment parenting expert and she tours the country speaking and educating parents and parents-to-be on the different aspects and benefits of attachment parenting. Tammy's articles have appeared in many different newsletters and journals and she continues to help and support hundreds of attachment parents weekly. Gentle Discipline For Your Toddler

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