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The Top 10 Things to Do withYour Toddler Outside of the Home

by Dr. Clare Albright | 0 Comments

1. Go to the pet store often. Let your child roam freely among all of the different kinds of animals and animal toys.

2. Go to the library and check-out picture books together.

3. Think of outings that have a lot of enjoyment for you and choose to go to those places so that you will have less stress when you are out with your child. Many parents are trying so hard to please their child that they forget themselves in the equation. This can lead to a less enjoyable time for the child, since children like it when their parents look happy.

4. Throw pennies into the fountain and make a wish.

5. Go to the airport and watch the planes take off, land, and taxi.

6. Feed the ducks. An opportunity to get out into nature together. A relaxing and fulfilling outing for both parent and child.

7. Develop a ritual of taking a walk near your home with your child and their wagon. Find a destination close to your home, such as the playground, the park, the library, or the store, and take your child and their wagon on a walk there often. Soon your child will be begging you, "Mom, Dad, let's walk to the park!"

8. Sing songs to your child while driving in the car, such as "This Old Man," "B-I-N-G-O," etc. Research indicates that this kind of interaction is more stimulating to a child's brain development than listening to recorded music. And it is fun!

9. Take your child to the zoo. Nature will nourish your child's soul, your bonding together, and stimulate your child's brain development.

10. Take your child to a "Mommy and Me" class in the community where children can be around other children and experience music, crafts, using their bodies, etc.

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