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The Top 10 Interactive Gamesfor Parents and their Toddlers

by Dr. Clare Albright | 0 Comments

1. "Shadow" your child. Toddlers savor their independence but feel more secure and content when their parent shows great interest in their explorations.

2. Pretend that you are a kitty or a doggy and follow your child around on all fours. If you can really get into your new role, your child will have loads of fun. Imagination games can be a focal point of your play together for the next few years.

3. Keep a selection of different bubble pipes and bubble wands on hand for variety. Bubbles - such a low priced toy - can provide hours of connection and enjoyment for you and your toddler.

4. Keep on playing variations of peek-a-boo and patty cake, even though you may have been doing this for a couple of years already!

5. Hold your child firmly in your arms and spin your body around three or more times while saying, "I spin my baby around and around!" When you stop spinning, hold your child until the dizziness passes for both of you.

6. Hold your child in your lap like an infant - and roll them up towards your face - and down - over and over again. This movement will make you look like you are lifting weights - and your child may howl with laughter....

7. Say, "uhhhh buhhhhhhhh!" right in your child's face. Most children howl with laughter!

8. Put a "rasberry" on your child's tummy by blowing on their belly button. This one is usually good for a squeal of delight followed by laughter and giggles.

9. Put your child in your arms on the bed and roll from left to right singing, "Sailing...sailing....over the ocean blue." This game is easier if you are laying down and you roll your child to the left and then to the right while singing...

10. Make funny sounds with your child and purchase books that focus on funny sounds. Toddlers love funny words like "zap" and "pop".

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