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Toilet Training - Part Three: Tips For Success

Lisa Julian


When to Start?
The Process
Tips for Success

Helpful Toilet Training Tips! Make it fun!

Make a big deal about using the last diaper or let your child help you throw out the diapers in the trash can. Shop together for new underwear!

Dress your child in clothes that are easy to take on and off.

Never punish or scold your child for accidents.

If your child can't produce anything after 5 minutes of sitting on the potty, its time to try later.

Train your child to wash his/her hands after using the potty.

Change diapers and/or accidents as soon as possible. Explain the need to stay nice and dry. After awhile your child will want to stay nice and dry.

Do not punish your child by keeping him/her in wet or soiled diapers. This is counterproductive and will not teach your child to use the potty.

Do not pressure or nag your child to use the potty. The harder you push, the harder he/she will resist!

Bring your child on an hourly basis when starting with a young child, to encourage practice. Consistency is key!

Instead of saying "Do you have to use the potty?" Say, "It's time to use the potty." This gets your child in the routine of going on a regular basis.

With older children, only remind your child to use the potty when he/she is showing signs that he/she has to go.You want to try to let it be their success, not yours.

Never force your child to use the potty.

Let your child put wet underwear in a designated place, such as the sink or laundry basin and instruct your child to get and put on new ones.

All caregivers should use the same approach and method to toilet training.

If using cotton underwear, buy more than one 3 pack (9 pairs should be good)! Also, it is sometimes helpful to buy the underwear one to two sizes bigger so it is easier for your child to pull-up and down (also, because they shrink!).

Be prepared to spend some time in the bathroom with your child!

Spring and summer is a great time to toilet train! Let your child go without his/her diaper.

Make sure your child's diet has plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and juice.Your child is trained when he/she goes to the potty without any assistance or reminders from you! Good Luck!

Lisa Julian is a mother of three and founder of Lee-Bee Products, distributors of motivational tools for children, including toilet training and chore charts.

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