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kasak Apr 23, 2010 05:30:12 PM ET

Frrm last 2 mounths am trying 2 concive ma periods cum every d same ma last date ws 25th march n nw dis mounth 22...

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Someone Mar 29, 2010 06:26:03 AM ET

Me and My Fiance Have been trying for 2 years and i still am not pregnant..Also i cant do the calender check because my periods are not Regular So i only get my periods every soo often which makes it ten times harder for me to get pregnant.. Do you think that since im not regular i cant get pregnant?

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Jessica Mar 24, 2010 07:41:06 PM ET

Well me and my boyfriend have been tring hard to get pregnant and it look like there is no hope. I ask my doctor when is the best time to conceive a baby and she told me , but the problem is I am still not pregnant and it like my cycles are starting to come on different time of the month. for example my cycloe came on the 23 of Jan,22 of Feb , and now the 20 of Mar. now I don't know what to do. do you think i should give it up and just fact the fact i am never going to be able to get pregnant again.

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catherine jones Feb 4, 2010 04:52:39 PM ET

Ive been off the pill for about 4months now. i havent keep up with my periods but i i had a period on dec18 and jan 18. they both lasted 7days when is my most fertile days? is it a week before my next cycle?

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Guji Jan 14, 2010 06:38:23 PM ET

Evening Doc; I'm still not in a great mood but I felt I should get your opinion as a doctor about what happened to me on the 9th January 2010.I was 19 weeks pregnant with twin boys who were in different sacks & at the early hours of Saturday morning of the 9th January 2010 I went to the bathroom cos you know how often pregnant women visit the bathroom a& I went back to sleep.A minute after I felt something wet coming out & I had thought it was my urine but NO my water had already broke but only one sac.I called my friend to come take me to hospital bcos my partner was out of Johannesburg & I was alone at the time & she came.I then called my gynae in the mean time & the hospital that I was on my way.When my doctor got there he told me that if my water broke there's nothing he could do but terminate my pregnancy but I said lets see the sonar 2 check how the babies are & my water kept on dripping until 3pm of the 9th January without him doing anything.He then told me he'll c me the next day & there was nothing coming out the next day.He neva took me 4 a sonar still & I requested it once more & he asked 1 of the nurses 2 book it 4 me @ the clinic & I went & the doctor who performed the sonar told me that the other twin had all the water in the sac with no problems & the other twin's water was not enough anymore.He said we don't have 2 worry that much about it the was heartbeat which didn't give us any worries & I told him my gynae was worried about the infection going in as the water had already broke.I told my doctor & he put me on an anti biotic 4 two days & on monday the 11th January contractions started coming until Tuesday the 12th Jan where the doctor decided that the report he received 4rm the doctor said all the water had come out which was a different story 4rm mine & he put 2 tablets that doctors use to termincate pregnancies.The report 4rm the Ultrasound of the Pelvis reads as follows -NORMAL AMNIOTIC FLUID IN THE MORE SUPERIORLY SITUATED TWIN PREGNANCY IS NOTED.THERE IS A REDUCTION IN LIQUOR IN THE MORE INFERIOR SITUATED FOETUS.NO FURTHER ABNOMARLITY IS NOTED.NO PLACENTA PRAEVIA COULD BE DEMONSTRATED. I asked the doctor if he can't do something for the other twin & he said I could still miscarry that's why the TOP was performed, I'm so devastated where I am. PLEASE ADVICE BCOS I'M NOT SURE WHO'S RIGHT OR WRONG HERE OR MAYBE I'M OVERREACTING.

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