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Endometriosis and Trying to Conceive Comments & Discussion | Page 3

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Beth Nov 18, 2010 09:00:02 PM ET

I was diagnosed with endo over a year ago at the time i got the lap because it was affecting my bladder. i was still taking birth control and wish i had gotten off of them sooner. i have been only trying to conceive 6months but my hormones are not right, endo symptoms are back, and my luteal phase is messed up and possibly not even ovulating. if the endo is getting worse i will have to have a hysterectomy at some point and am very anxious to have children. my husband and i want at least 3, i will take just one honestly. my point is do not wait or put off treatment, do your research, but make decisions fast.... you may regret it if you don't.

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laura m Oct 4, 2010 10:17:12 AM ET

Hey guys i had a loporoscopy done 12 months ago and my dr put me on the pill for the last 12 months they removed a lot of endo at the time if i going to ttc in january should i come off the pill in nov and get my proper cycle back or should i stay on the pill till im ready to ttc in december/january???

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Mel Aug 19, 2010 06:01:58 AM ET

Hey was on danazol for 6 months and its been 2 months now after the treatment. after 2 months had a period (if you would call it one.) for about 4/5 day no pain at all. i cant see if i'm ovulating but i'm very dry and my hormone levels are very low. i really want to get pregnant,i am stress about it heaps and i know stress is not good but i cant help it. has anyone been on danazol for 6 months and if so how long after did you get a real period and how long for and when did you fall pregnant ..

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Louise Aug 11, 2010 04:30:32 AM ET

Great to know. i had my lap done in june and playing the ttc game so hopefully i get my bfp ie big fat positive soon

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Anna Jan 6, 2010 07:49:26 PM ET

I just wanted to say that after ttc for almost 18 months my dr. finally recommended a laparoscopy. i found out i had minimal endo but i guess it was enough to cause issues because 2 months after my surgery we conceived and i now have a beautiful son. it is worth the surgery and i would do it again if i had to. good luck to you all!

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Tanya Apr 29, 2009 03:23:07 PM ET

Don't worry ladies, you can still get pregnant after endo! my sister did after her treatement 1 year later with two beautiful babies dont give up...i'm still trying though :)

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