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Party Anyone?

by Deb Clarke | 0 Comments

Spring! To some, this means a deep cleaning. To others, it is the gentle promise of summer's arrival. What does it mean to me? It turns me into the 18 year old rebel I used to be! That first deep inhale of Spring's magic perfume has me longing for my lost youth. I want a cold beer. I want Van Halen playing loudly. I want to go to out dancing and stay up all night. I want to have no more responsibility than to pick out the perfect outfit that will make me the envy of all the girls and the desire of all the guys.

This weekend as I was out and about shopping, it hit me. I had the windows rolled down in my car, and, ever so softly, spring caressed my nose. The next thing I knew, the radio dial went from the soft rock station I had just recently found, to a harder, classic rock station. Once the station was locked into place, somehow the volume control started to get louder...and louder...and, oh my gosh, teen-age loud! My driving foot felt a little heavier. I wanted to go faster. And then....the thing that pushed me over the edge into my fantasyland...the real sign of Spring...David Lee Roth and the boys were "Runnin' with the Devil"! Van Halen at the height of their glory. I felt free, I felt alive, I felt that rebel blood trying to rise in these old bones.

I had flashbacks of all the by-gone days in the bars. My friends and I lived to Party.

Later that day, I was online with a few of my mom friends and we were discussing our old party days. Before we had babies, we were hip, we were cool, we only wanted to have fun. Now we were moms. Someone made the comment that they didn't even know how to party any more or how to have a good time. Then this realization came to me...we still know how to party and have a good time...we just have to redefine it!

All you have to do is wake up at 6-6:30 am (instead of passing out at this time like in the old days), pop in a current video like Bear in the Big Blue House (instead of a Blockbuster current video...which will probably be forgotten by the time you get to see it!), do shot after shot of Hi-C (insert your own favorite drink here), and when the munchies hit...break out the graham crackers, goldfish, jelly sandwiches! The best part of having this "new" party style is that you can still act silly, spill your drink on yourself and others, try different combinations of weird food you would never try before (like the goldfish on the jelly sandwich), play music loudly... yes, even old VH, and dance around the living room as if it were Studio 54. In place of a hang-over is coming off the sugar induced high...which is still legal in all 50 States!

But, by far, the best thing about this new part style is the smiling little face of your best party buddy as they laugh with you instead of at you! I much prefer this party over the old kind...and trust me, I WAS the Party Queen.

Hello! My name is Deb Clarke. I was introduced to the Baby Corner by my "cyber mom" friend, Anne Cavicchi. I am the proud mom to Nathan, born November 22, 1998 (aka Nate the Great). I have been married to a wonderful man, Andrew, since February 13, 1998. If you do the math, you will find that we conceived Nathan on our wedding night. I enjoy being a mom greatly and am trying my hand at writing for this wonderful site! I hope you enjoy my contributions.
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