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Getting Pregnant: How Long Does it Take? Comments & Discussion | Page 2

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Stellah Nov 16, 2013 05:43:52 PM ET

Hey i need some advice. i have problems with my periods. i usually go on my periods for about 20 days without stopping. do i stand a chance to get pregnant?

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Guest Nov 12, 2013 08:40:04 AM ET

I'm 38. my last child is 15. i have been trying to conceive for 9 months now, but nothing. what should i do? does it take longer to get pregnant because its been awhile since i got pregnant? help....

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Guest Oct 19, 2013 05:21:02 AM ET

My girlfriend says she thinks she's pregnant because we did it only once for a short period without protection? can she be pregnant, because i cant have kids?

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chee Apr 1, 2013 03:29:12 AM ET

Well im 20 now i had got pregnant at 17 and 19 but had miscarriage and now i've been trying with my boyfriend and nothing wat going on need help

CJ Sep 21, 2013 05:06:54 PM ET

Chee, it sounds like you were pregnant at a very early age. take my advice and wait until you are older. how can you support a child when you are still a child?

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jenlynn Feb 28, 2013 09:23:52 PM ET

I am 35yrs old,my husband and i want to have a baby,and we have been trying. is it that we are not trying enough? please give me some advice on what to do thank you.

TL Apr 30, 2013 06:57:01 PM ET

Get an hsg test. it helped me.

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pep Nov 13, 2012 04:48:12 AM ET

Am 11yrs in marriage and 42yrs av done a lot of chectups ht, flushing even used clomid and i don't know what to do can u pls advice me on what to do

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Molly Jul 1, 2012 11:42:25 PM ET

I have nine kids but i want just two more . but my husband got a bisectomy what can i do. should i use some one els?? :(

R Jun 27, 2013 04:14:14 PM ET

Have you tried a therapist? not being rude at all but you have 9 (i assume very beautiful) children, why do you suddenly feel the need to have more? and at the point where you sound like your willing to destroy your family for it, maybe an outsider can help you get to the bottom of your need to have babies

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Mzjazzy Apr 19, 2012 01:32:27 AM ET

My due date is on august 18, 2012. when did i conceive?

Holly Nov 6, 2013 09:49:21 PM ET

Probably around nov

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Niece Apr 12, 2012 05:25:55 PM ET

I am currently 23yrs old. from age 19 i have tried to get pregnant, and still to this day no luck.. i ready the stats and saw such a low percentage for my age bracket. but my mother has lots of kids and she was in her 20's.. am i the unlucky one?

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crystal Mar 27, 2012 01:03:43 AM ET

Hi , i read the statistics im 23yrs i been trying for 3yrs to become pregnant!!! can u please help me ?

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