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Parking Lots

Ann E. Butenas


Of course, after driving around with the tots, there comes the time where we eventually end up someplace, either at the store or the doctor's office. The real trick for me, now that I have to get three kids out of car seats, is to keep all three next to me and not have them running about the parking lot where danger lurks.

I usually get the oldest boy out first, as he will usually stay close to me. I then get the middle boy out and request that both of those boys hold hands and follow me to the other side of the car to get the baby out of the car. If the boys do not want to hold hands, I request that they get near the car and help Mommy with the baby. I will usually get us all to the point where I am carrying the diaper bag and toting the infant seat with the baby in it, holding on to my middle son's hand, and he is then holding onto his big brother's hand. I get more smiles from passersby and comments like, "How sweet."

Meanwhile, I feel as if the diaper bag is falling from my shoulder, I am losing my grip on the infant seat, and the older boys are playing tug of war with each other's arms. It used to be that when I was pregnant, people would hold open doors for me and help me carry things. Now, people just see me with my troops and get out of the way. "She's been through labor," they are probably thinking, "She can handle anything!" In fact, I think one lady was expecting me to open the door for her!

The other day, as I was getting the boys out of the car, the older one saw something soft and pink on the ground. He commenced to bend over and touch it. Touching it led to picking it up. However, this object was not easy to pick up. See, it was over 90 degrees outside, the pavement was incredibly hot, and the object was chewed gum. As he pulled it up, he began to realize that it would be a job getting this whole thing off of the ground. Like melted cheese on a pizza, the object showed no intention of coming off of the ground. As I advised him to "Stop that!", his younger brother poured onto the scene. At this point, it became funny (to them) and both had their paws in the goop and were pulling it up to their faces. I finally had to intervene and clean up the scene. I was already late for the appointment for which I had arrived.

Now I was another 10 minutes late.

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Ann E Butenas is a stay-at-home mom of three preschool-age boys. She has an undergraduate degree in Communications, a post-bachelor paralegal certificate, and a Master's in Business Management. She earned the latter during her first two pregnancies while running an at-home business at the same time. She has been professionally published as a writer since the age of 12.

Ann currently owns and operates ANZ Publications, a publications business specializing in family-riented projects. Her most recent project includes a very unique medical and dental records binder.a great way to keep track of a child's complete medical history from birth through adolescence. Visit the site at ANZ is an acronym, by the way, for her son's Alec, Noah, and Zach. It is pronounced as "Ann's," for her first name, but spelled as such to include the boys!

Her website showcases her new book.

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