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The Why, The How and The What

by Caroline Shaw | 0 Comments

Yes, we all need to take time for ourselves but first let's answer these important questions:

Why? Obvious answer is so we don't go insane. We need to re-energize and re-new our resources so we can more efficiently take care of crying babies, whining toddlers and hubbies.

How? Make an appt. on your calendar for you....If you need a weekly break (suggested) make a weekly appointment. Bi-monthly or monthly: do make the appointment!

What? Now the fun and creative part! First of all: Find a nice quiet corner in your house...or someone else's. Bring along a nice glass of herbal iced tea with lemon and spearmint leaves. Fill a vase with fresh spearmint leaves The aroma will work, making you feel so much better. Light a aromatherapy candle, put on a little music...something relaxing and pull out a favorite book... or some favorite magazines and sit and relax. Soak your feet. Put some nice warm water in a basin and throw in some rosemary needles along with epsom salts or baking soda and soak....aaaaaahhhhhh. Spray the air with your favorite cologne. Any rose petals around yet...sprinkle them in the water with your feet....wiggle those toes and enjoy. Now, go pop in your favorite romance movie, grab some popcorn and continue your time for you!

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Caroline is editor of A Mom's Love: online magazine providing support for all wahms, single/divorced working out of the home moms. The magazine features child of the week, momsbragpage, momsfix-it page, beautypage and much more. She is also author of In_The_Kitchen a popular ezine at Family Corner. Mom to six kids, she enjoys cooking and gardening . In The Kitchen:

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