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The Three D's of Telecommuting

JoAnna Gilford


Partnered with the desire to work at home is a very important personality trait: Diligence. You have to go out and find that job! It really won't come knocking on your door. Expect a certain amount of frustration and depression. The more knowledgeable you are about the market and your skills, the greater chance of success for you.

So, where are these jobs?

Check your newspaper everyday, you may even consider placing an ad for work. Highlight your best skills in a short ad and make sure you include contact information. We are coming into the holidays and you will start seeing a lot more opportunities as employers turn to their seasonal employment needs.

Register with local temp. agencies. Although, traditionally they focus on on-site employment, with the upcoming holidays, it's worth a shot. And, remember to do the best job you can do, even on short term projects! Employers usually offer work first to the people they have hired in the past. It saves them time and money when they can make one phone call as opposed to placing another ad, interviewing, etc. Take some of your recruiters' business cards, (or your own if you aren't registered with a temp. agency) write your name on it and present it to the company when your assignment is finished.

And, of course, there's the Internet. It is a vast, almost unlimited resource for you. Search on the Internet every day for new job listings. To save time, have your resume ready. Post it at every job board you can find. Here's some to get you started:

Remember to search every day! After you get a little practice at searching, it DOES become faster and you'll be breezing through those listings in no time. Have a copy of your resume on your computer and copies of it printed so that you are able to send it out immediately.

Use these search terms:

work at home
work from home

Don't give up! It can take up to 8 times longer to find a real work at home job. If you find that you are not getting any responses, or you don't feel like your search is going anywhere, reconsider your skills. Maybe a training course or a professionally written resume will bring you better results.

You have the Desire. You have the Diligence.
Next.... Do you have the Discipline?

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