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Baby Corner Freelance Writer Submission Guidelines


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If you are interested in writing for the Baby Corner, there are two options. First, you can inquire about being added to our writers' pool. Should we accept your inquiry, we would then match your preferred writing topic with upcoming articles in that area. If we feel your interest, skills, and experience match what we are looking for, we will notify you of an assignment. Please see the topics we cover below.

The second option available to writers interested in working with Baby Corner, is that of submitting a query letter. Perhaps you have a unique idea for an article that wouldn't ordinarily be seen. If so, you may want to submit a query letter to us.

Baby Corner takes pride that all the information provided is written by parents who have experience in the topics they write about. All articles are assigned with the writer's experiences, and stage of parenting in mind.

Topics We Cover

Fertility & Infertility Pregnancy
Fertility Charting

TTC Concerns

Donor Insemination



Testing Basics
Baby Showers

Pregnancy Checklists



Health & Fitness


Maternity Fashion



Signs & Symptoms
Babies Toddler

Baby Care & Health


Bottle Feeding

Baby Development






Play Time

Potty Training


Dads Moms
Expecting Baby


Sex, Marriage & Relationships

Family Time

Family Time

Working Mom

Working at Home

Stay at home moms

Sex, Marriage & Relationships

Our Style Guidelines

Baby Corner's goal is provide a wide range of information for parents, and we seek out submissions that are informative and unique. We rely on the experience, research, and information of writers to publish articles that will appeal to our readers. However, we ask that our writers use the following guidelines of style when submitting an article:

  • Please make sure your article is unique, and not currently published in print, or online.
  • Never underestimate the power of spell checking.
  • Try to keep the tone of your article upbeat, comical if appropriate, and unique.
  • Do not use any special formats, colors, or fonts within your article. While it may look pleasing to the eye, it creates problems for us when placing your text into HTML format.
  • If writing a feature article, please do not write in the first person. While we appreciate your personal experiences on the topic, most of our articles will be informational. Submissions written in the first will be considered personal essays.
  • Please spell out abbreviations. This includes all numbers under 10, with the exception of weights and measures. Other instances where abbreviations should not be used include pounds, ounces, centimeters, etc.
  • Be sure to fact check all your articles, and please provide your sources for medical information.
  • Be sure to give credit where credit it due. If at all possible, use the name and general location of your source. If you need to change a name to provide anonymity to your source, please insert a disclaimer at the end of your work to reflect this.
  • Direct quotes from doctors, nurses and other professionals are always a plus, especially if writing about medical topics. Please do not, in any way, change direct quotes. If you need to work around an error (grammar, usage, style, etc.), do so with the use of sub-text or paraphrasing. You may want to also consider asking your source for a re-quote or clarification.
  • Please include a short bio at the end of your article, not to exceed three sentences.

Submission Guidelines

Please note that submitting either a query letter or an article for publication does not guarantee it will be used. We will do our best to respond to all queries. Should we express interest, we will notify you via e-mail. Either option is considered a freelance position, but you may have more opportunities, should you be added to the writers' pool.

Either option requires that you submit an initial query letter. Query letters must contain the following:

  • Tell us about yourself! We like to get to know the writers we work with.
  • Topic(s) of Interest. What do you feel most comfortable and experienced writing about? Why do you feel that you are experienced in this area?
  • Three samples of your writing. Please send only plain text documents in the body of your email.
  • If you are submitting an article for consideration, please note whether or not it has been previously published. 

Please submit all queries by email to editor + (replace plus sign with @). We look forward to working with you!

Baby Corner in the Press
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