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Walk For Your Life

Edel Jarboe


10 Walking Tips


1. If you don't have a solid block of time, break your walking into smaller chunks. For example, instead of walking 1 hour, walk for 30 minutes twice a day. Studies have shown that this is as beneficial as walking for 1 hour at one time.

2. Wear reflective clothing at night and, if you must walk on a road or street that does not have a sidewalk, always walk facing traffic.

3. Incorporate hills into your walking route. This adds variety and challenge to your workout and raises your metabolism by at least 10%.

4. Interval train to get more out of your workout. Increase your walking speed for 1 or 2 blocks and then slow back down o your regular pace for the next 1 or 2 blocks. Continue to alternate between walking and speed walking.

5. If you are walking solo, listen to music or an audio book but always make sure that you can still hear what is going on around you.

6. Find a walking partner. In addition to the companionship provided, it will help keep you motivated as well.

7. Alternate your route to prevent boredom. Take one route every other day and another one in between. In addition to neighborhoods try the beach, a park, or a trail.

8. Another way to get more out of your walking routine is to swing your arms more. This helps burn more energy and helps you to walk faster. See power walking below for more information.

9. Add push ups, sit ups, and weight training to your pre-walk stretches to build muscle and strength.

10. Keep a log of your time, distance, and calories burned for motivation.

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Edel Jarboe is the founder of Simpler Living (, an online magazine helping women lead healthier, happier, and more balanced lives. Here you can find timely articles on health, fitness, diet, personal growth, relationships, parenting, spirituality, work, money, time management, and more. It is a place for working women and mothers to come and get practical insight and inspiration to help keep their busy lives in balance. She also publishes a free weekly email newsletter, which features the advice column "Balancing Act", an inspirational quote, tips, and resources for living a simpler life. Subscribe at



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