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Spoil Yourself

by Holly Peck | 0 Comments

Ever notice how babies and small children are treated so well by everyone? They certainly have the best in life! As a mother with two children under the age of five, I often wonder why the perks of young childhood don't apply to grown-ups. Moms and Dads, ask yourself "Why not?"

-Why not use baby wipes instead of toilet paper? They're soft, scented, moist and just do the job better.

-Why not wear the most color-coordinated outfit to "go out" so that others are compelled to comment on how cute you are?

-Why not eat small, healthy snacks throughout the day for extra energy?

-Why not have that special someone rub baby lotion all over your body after a bath, because it feels so smooth and smells so baby fresh?

-Why not take a nap in the middle of the afternoon so you'll be rested for the rest of the day?

-Why not spend time outside in the sunshine each day to get some fresh air?

-Why not play a little every day for the sole purpose of having fun?

-Why not sing and dance whenever you feel like it without worrying what others would think?

-Why not share your things and yourself when you feel like it, and don't when you don't?

-Why not use such cute, smiling facial expressions that others want to kiss you all over your face? (some might add, "nibble on your chubby little thighs," too!)

-Why not look so pitiful when you're sad so that others want to hold you and are compelled to give you whatever you want?

-Why not drink warm milk, read a good book, and be lulled to sleep at night by soft music?

-Why not say to your boss, "It's not fair!"; to your friends, "I don't like you anymore!"; and to your spouse, "I don't want to play with you!" without any real consequences?

Why not?

Holly St. John Peck has been a "professional and personal development trainer" for the past 10 years. Holly has gained a reputation as dynamic and creative in writing and delivering training programs. Her focus has been in delivering Stephen Covey programs such as "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", Ridge and Associates, "People Skills", and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (personality assessment). Holly has had great success with developing and delivering her own program titled "VIP Workshop: Very Impressive Presentation", which is currently offered at major Fortune 500 corporations. She was recently honored by the YWCA (small business category) for "Women of Achievement". Holly's recent interest is in studying and writing about family and child development issues.
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