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Having a Good Laugh...Does humor belong in a marriage?


Definitely, Of course, Sure, Yes, Certainly

Aside from releasing endorphins in the brain that are energizing and good for us, laughter has other advantages in a relationship.

It is a natural part of any relationship. It reduces the distress many of us find ourselves feeling. It adds to the quality of a relationship. It can help us be more productive. We advise couples to keep a sense of humor when having an argument.

I grew up watching my mom and dad play small practical jokes on one another. Dad was a sound sleeper, and Mom was an artist, so when she was bored, she would paint a "scene" on his chest. He was in the Navy at the time, so often in his rush to get back to his ship, he would not be aware of her artistic endeavors until he changed clothes in the bunk area with other guys around! Some of my fondest memories are of painting dad. Dad always said he would get even. I remember being an embarrassed 14 year old girl on the school bus one day when I witnessed my mother (in a bathing suit), green from head to toe, pounding on the door to be let in the house and my dad gleefully smiling from an upstairs window.

However, just as much as humor and laughter can enhance a marriage relationship, it can hurt. Boundaries need to be set. Here are a few that we recommend: Humor should be clean. Off-color humor can often bother a person. Although we know our spouses well, we can still be offensive. Humor should not attack or be malicious. Making a joke of your spouse's appearance or physical flaw is not really funny. Don't do it.

Humor should be balanced. Too many practical jokes, too many gag gifts, too much horseplay, too many witty remarks, too many funny stories - these can all become counter-productive. Every relationship needs to have fun and laugh, but every relationship also needs to have its time of real, down to earth, serious conversation too!

So take some time to laugh with one another today!

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Humour in MarraigeHaving a Good Laugh...Does humor belong in a marriage? - Just For Moms

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