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Louise Feb 5, 2011 08:23:55 PM ET

I'm sorry but reading this has made me very sad! your babies need you to be there for them at night as well as in the day. leaving a baby to cry themselves to sleep is cruel and is not good for the baby. of course they want to be with their parents. babies need their mummy and daddy! whoever invented the idea of leaving a baby to cry themselves to sleep has a lot to answer for in my opinion! i'm sure it was a man as no mother finds it ok to hear their babies distressed! stop reading books and do what feels natural! humans are the only mammals who sleep separately from their young! they are the only mammals who hurry their babies into independence before they are ready! i have a 14 month old son who sleeps with us and feeds a couple of times at night. when he is ready we will begin to reduce feeds and gradually move him to his own room in his own time and we, as his parents will be there for him at each stage! there are many ways to cut feeds/get babies to sleep without leaving them to cry. i wonder what the advice was before the "ferber" method was introduced and doctors decided that how people raise children was of their concern! it makes me sad to see a doctor say that to leave your baby to cry themselves to sleep is the only way! it most definitely is not! your babies are only babies for a short time! enjoy them and give them what need now! they will give it back when they can! i'll get off my high horse now and stop reading things which make me angry!

Fliss Mar 22, 2013 11:49:15 AM ET

Hear, hear!!! i detest the thought of leaving my 13 month son to cry!! nothing could be worse in my mind. he needs his mummy, and i will never deny him of that. x

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stacey Jan 14, 2011 04:22:38 AM ET

My 12month old doesnt go to bed while 2 oclock in the morning and doesnt get up till 12 in the afternoon but then hes napping for 2-3 hours at around 6pm please help it is getting frustrating i have tryed everything to try and get him into a routine the cry it out never worked he would just stop hisself from breathing untill i picked him up if i try to put him in his own bed as soon as i get him in he wakes up stright away me and my partner are falling apart my partner is now sleeping in the spare bedroom because i have to put my son in my bed or he wont sleep

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Sandy Dec 16, 2010 08:40:53 PM ET

My 14 month old has never slept through a whole night. he was breast fed till he was 8 months then was bottle fed with breast milk up until 13 months. he now is on whole milk and eating a variety of foods. when he was born our doctor told us to breastfeed him him every 3 hours, so i did until he was 6 months old, then our doctor said to stilll feed him every 3 hours during day and feed at 7pm then 11pm, he would sleep till 5am, not bad. but now he wakes up every 30 min or every hour during night and during his naps. we have him on a routine for feedings, naps sleeping but nothing works.

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Sarah Dec 13, 2010 06:41:47 PM ET

At least it is good to know that there are other people who are experiencing the same issues we are! i have always felt so alone because all of my friends have babies who have slept through the night since 3 months old! my son is 13 months old has never really been a good sleeper, but the last month has been horrible! he is awake and screaming for almost 3 hours a night and nothing we do has helped at all! we have tried cio routine which never worked and always leads to vomit in the bed. we have tried bottles, rocking, and letting him sleep with us! i am 5 months pregnant again-soooooooo tired and can barley even function through a day! my husband works 12 hour days and is sooo tired he is almost always late for work. our marriage, relationships with friends and family, moods, phsycial well-being and almost every aspect of our lives have suffered tremendously! i am also a phd student and find it almost comical when i have a 100 page paper due! i am going to have to give that up as well! is it selfish as a mother to resent having to give up every part of your life? my social life, my marriage, my sanity, my sleep, working and now school? sleepless in cleveland- sarah

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karen Nov 21, 2010 03:33:40 PM ET

My daughter is 12months old, she goes to bed at 7pm then wakes sometimes through the night just for her dummy, but at 4am every morning she is awake and we have to get up with her, we have tried the controlled crying, tried giving her a bottle nothing works she stands at the bottom of her cot screaming, i have even sat next to the cot trying to calm her down but as soon as i get up to leave she is scream;ing again, we have had this for 7 months now and would appreciate any advice

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Brooke Nov 12, 2010 07:56:42 PM ET

I have a daughter that is 10months old and she wont sleep without us either. she used to sleep in the crib as a baby for about a month but now she wont. i have gone back to work and her father works with her during the day to get her in the crib. we have to let her cry it out as well. its sad to see but we just cant have her sleeping with mom and dad all the time, it makes for restless nights. any tips on how we can get her to stop this after 10 months would be great.

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Jenni Nov 8, 2010 01:45:36 AM ET

I can really understand how stressful it is having a baby who won't sleep at night...i've been through it any questions let me know.

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Jenni Nov 8, 2010 01:39:17 AM ET

Hi there, i can really empathize with your baby not sleeping thru the night and being extremely sensitive. i want to comment to the first comment: you think your baby will never sleep on her own...we thought that too...but she will! my baby is 11 m old now, and sleeps through the night. at 10 months we started sleep training. prior to that she was getting up every 2 hours, nursing 2 times a night, we were constantly rocking her we were not sleeping. when we put her in her in her crib asleep she would wake up very easily. i read a book called "sleeping through the night" by jodi a. mindell ph.d. this book is excellent! you should read it or read up on similar sleep training methods in detail before beginning. this book explains the plan of how to put your baby to bed awake and what to do thru the night. it covers any problems or difficulties you may encounter (such as what to do if your baby gets sick...we had this problem too!) our baby had a very difficult time the first 3 to 4 nights--we followed a very specific plan according to the book..we would put her in her crib at our set bedtime (7:30--do not put baby to bed too late, it makes it harder for them to fall asleep) and after a bedtime routine. she would scream and stand up, we stayed in the room with her, after about half hour the first night we could get her to lay down. then we'd leave the room and she would get up again, we had to keep coming in and gently lay her down again. the first night she cried 1 hour 15min. the next night 40 min. the third night an hour. then it started to get better and better. the biggest improvement showed at about 1 week. now (2 weeks later) after her bedtime routine she lays down on her own and goes to sleep...i didn't think this was possible. dr. wood is right on her advice you really have to have a good plan, and pick a time when its a weekend and you can handle some stress...follow through and you will be amazed at how life changing it is. i can understand how you think your baby might not be able to handle this, because that's what i went through. our baby is so happy now, sleeping well. best of luck!

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Ruth Oct 20, 2010 09:53:50 AM ET

Hi my son is 12mths and he doesnt sleep thru the night.he wakes around,1am then 300am.he doesnt properly go back to sleep until 5am.its driving my husband and i crazy.we have tryed every thing,his baby other children never had sleeping problems.please help!!

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Esme Oct 19, 2010 07:26:57 PM ET

My 7 months old baby wakes up every 2 hours every night and won't go back to sleep unless i nurse or cuddle her. i am exhausted and grumpy and don't know what to do. when my husband goes to her room to settle her she screams her head off because she wants me. yesterday i tried cio but she got so upset and angry and i ended up picking her up. tonight i will try to give her bottle when she wakes up and see how i go. do you have any other suggestions?

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