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shaz Oct 12, 2010 02:43:40 PM ET

I see so much stress and worry about sleep and parents feeling anxious about letting their baby cry it out. They are only babies for a short time and it is natural for them to want their parents. Just like every person is different, every baby is different. The sooner you can accept your baby wants to be close to you, the closer you are to a good sleep and peaceful mind. My baby is 8 months old and had stages where she slept in the bassinet but will fight it for the last 4 months. I put her in bed with me out of tiredness and now everybody is happy. After a holiday she went back in the crib happily until i once tried to leave her there and now the negative connotations have kicked in and she screams when i get near it. Fair enough. Honestly, your baby is normal if they want to be with you, they love you unconditionally and are expressing it in their own way. Just go with it for now and they will trust you more.

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Fpat Oct 5, 2010 12:36:24 PM ET

Finally, read something to make me feel a bit better, that I am not alone! Seems like there's loads of people all having to deal with the same sort of stuff but the question is what to do?? Only thing that keeps me going is that they won't be doing this when they're older,well i hope not anyway!!

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Colin Sep 29, 2010 07:31:00 PM ET

My 11 month old is having a really hard time sleeping. He fights sleep every night even when exhausted. All he seems to do is toss around the cot and try to get on his knees or to do his new trick of standing up. My wife and I have tried everything.If e let him cry it out two things happen, he gets so worked up he gets worse and then ends up in a right state and choking himself or because he can get up on his ees or stand he ends up flopping about the cot as he is so tired and ends up bumping himself which again gets him more worked up. We refuse to bring him to bed with us and now spend allnight on a chair next to the cot in the dark wide awake and having no interaction with the baby other than to turn him on his back when trying to stand up. This can last all night as he is very determined. We have had the odd week of him sleeping through but even sticking to the same routine his sleeping pattern goes out the window.We have read all the books and tried most things but nothing seems to work. Should I face up to the fact I have a baby who doesn't like sleep or can some-one suggest something new?

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Annie Sep 29, 2010 12:51:41 AM ET

My 8 month old won't sleep at night. She goes to bed asleep and then when she wakes, she will scream. Also, sometimes she wakes up at 3 in the morning for 2 hours wide awake. She sleeps great during the day and eats well. We do let me cry a little at night when she wakes up (1st time 1 minute, 2nd time 2 minutes etc) I just want to know if there is anything I can do. And just want to know how to make her stop screaming as soon as she wakes up and wants out of the crib.

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Crystal Sep 28, 2010 11:18:14 AM ET

My son is 13 months old, but was 10 weeks premature. he slept great when he was in the hospital. But from the day I have brought him home he has been a terrible sleeper. I keep thinking he will grow out of it. It started out feeding him every 1 1/2 hours and putting back in his bassinet. Then it was feeding him in our bed and him falling asleep in bed and having to sneak him into his own bed. Now he won't even do that, he makes you get up and feed him downstairs on the couch and then when he finally passes out he will go back to bed, but by then i'm wide awake and can't sleep. He will cry for HOURS if i try to let him cio and i don't have the heart to let my baby scream for hours. Is this just his personality or is there a solution??? He has always been a way more demanding baby than my first, she was a breeze. I am lost and me and my husband cannot take any more sleepless nights. It is affecting our moods and home life.

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heather Sep 25, 2010 04:00:30 AM ET

Eating too much at night, they have to be eating more in the day and slowly taking away the night time feeds. everyone is feeding their childs problems, look at what your are doing!

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Siobhan Sep 24, 2010 09:39:04 PM ET

My baby is just turning 1 and he will not go to sleep by himself ive always rocked him to sleep and now im trying to get him to go to bed by himself but he just wont during the day if i put him to his cot he will just keep standing up and screaming i keep going in and putting him back down but it doesnt work, at night its the same i try getting him to go to sleep by himself but he ends up getting himself all worked up so i end up having to rock him to sleep. In the middle of the night he wakes up 3 - 4 times eventually until he gets into bed with me, hes still in the room with me so he just stands up in his cot andscreams till i get up and even if i keep putting him back down he hardly ever goes back to sleep so i have to take him into bed with me. He wont go to sleep with on anyone else apart from me, if i walk out of a room he will scream until ive gone and lifted him up. Gonna keep trying putting him to bed by himself and letting him cry himself to sleep. dont think its going to work tho.

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Jocelyne Sep 22, 2010 01:04:13 PM ET

My 12month old baby wakes up 3 to 4 times every night, drinks 120ml bottle of milk each time she wakes. Is that normal? And she never sleeps in her crib

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lebo Sep 16, 2010 12:21:52 PM ET

My son is 6 1/2 months and wakes up at least six times a night and 3 times on a good night. He feeds everytime he wakes up, finishes 500ml a night. i'm am so exhausted and i'm back at work, if someone has advice on how to get him to sleep all night, please help.

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Vanessa Sep 14, 2010 09:49:43 AM ET

My son is 19 months now, almost 20 months and for the past couple of months he gets up mostly every night about every 30 minutes to an hour apart to drink water so I would always keep water by his bed side. His bed time is at about 8:30 pm, 9:30 the latest. I try to tire him out before his bed time so it is easy for him to fall asleep. Maybe once in awhile he will sleep through out the whole night which is good, i can handle the water during the night, but what i can't handle is for the past few days, he would be lying in his bed and all of a sudden he would get up and walk to the door, wanting to do what ever he wants to do and not sleep. I try to put him back in his bed and tell him to go to sleep but he cries with a sharp piercing voice like he is in pain. I try to carry him to sleep but it doesn't work. I like to put him to sleep at 8:30 and he usually sleeps at that time until a few days ago. I am hoping this is one of those stages that babies go through. Please help.

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