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Vicky Sep 12, 2010 04:09:37 PM ET

I have my 12mth baby boy, still waking up ever 30min to an hour every single night, because i cannot get him to sleep in his crib, we just put him in our bed with us in the middle of the night so i can get some sleep myself, he still wakes up to breastfeed every two hours and end up spending the whole night in the breast, just like a pacifier, because he refused to eat or drink anything else throughout the day. we tried all kind of different bottles, cups out there and different kind of food, he is still not interested. i am verry stress out. i am afraid he is not getting enough nutritionís he needs and maybe that's why he is not sleeping through the night. help.

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suzanna Aug 18, 2010 03:36:28 PM ET

My little boy 10 months has this separation anxiety and what makes this harder during the night he generally will sleep through but if his eczema wakes him up then he realises he is on his own and will cry for hrs on end. stuck for words and dont kno what else to do. everyones has posts up of the problems they are having are there any ideas people can give to help others. i dont know any other than to be patient and try out ur options.

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Kylie Aug 11, 2010 03:51:23 PM ET

My daughter is 12 and a half months. she waks up crying if she is in her crib for more than one and a half hours. if my husband or i hold her she goes back to sleep right away. if we get her to sleep and put her in her crib she wakes right back up. we are scared to put her in bed with us. my husband ends up sleeping in the recliner in our room. we try crying it out, but within three minutes she will start gagging and eventually vomit. then you are up anyway changing sheets and bathing her. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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asavir'z mum Aug 7, 2010 10:34:05 AM ET

My daughter is 8 month old now..first 3 months were miserable for me because she was in the habbit to wake up all the night n did not sleep at all without a swing..then i started to put her with me in the she wakes for 2 to 3 times in night for feed n readily goes to sleep in 5 to 10 minutes..she is a breastfed baby..doing much better than my suggestion is to let ur kid play during the day time as much as she can..put her for naps in the day when she really feels sleepy n much exhausted...from 8pm onwards,dont allow her to sleep readily,giv her night time snack,engagae her in activities for one or half hour n finally she will be so much exhausted that she will sleep in 10-15 minutes n will not wakeup too frequently..

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laly Aug 6, 2010 04:25:32 AM ET

My 14 month old doesn't sleep through the night and he never did,i'm exhausted and frustrated,i tried the cio and never worked before,i'm trying it again this weekend ,we strated tonight and he vomited everything after just 10 min of crying,and i checked him and comfort him 3 times in 10 min,he's just so stubborn,everytime he cries a little he throws up,i dont know what to do anymore,i'm so sad,please just say there's something i can do for him....he's not sick,but he just doesnt wanna fall asleep by himself...

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Julia Jul 26, 2010 02:04:15 PM ET

A few things can affect night sleep: baby sleeping too much during the day, going to bed too late (7-7.30 should work for most babies but for instance if my baby is crying when being put to bed next day i move bedtime 20 min earlier and he goes down with no fuss at all) , being overstimulated during the day and pacticularily before the bedtime. what works for us and for many of my friends' babies is eliminating the above factors and providing minimum interaction at night, not even smiling at the little one, to make nighttime boring with nothing to do but sleep. these rules are a summary of extensive! research on babies' sleep and made wonders for me, hope will be of help to you too!

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Kirsten Jun 12, 2010 08:14:47 PM ET

I used to nurse my son until 6 months old and i would nurse him on our sofa or in bed. now, he's going to be 12 months next week and he will not go in his crib. i have been batteling this since he was about 5 months old. as i write this, i am sitting in his room, and he's looking at me crying his head off leaning over the rail because he's sooo tired and needs to nap. he has fallan off our bed so i makes me nervous when he's on our bed so i don't get to sleep well. he won't even play in his crib or playpen and he's been like that for many, many months. he even cries if i have to go upstairs to the restroom and does this also with my husband. so unless one of us are downstairs or in the same room/area with him he will throw a fit. i don't know if it's too late to fix or if there is something wrong.

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ashley Jun 7, 2010 09:05:28 PM ET

My 13 month old son has slept with us since he was a baby i nursed him until he was 7 months old then tried to make him sleep in his crib but he was so used to sleeping with us he just cried forever. i know have it where he will cry only for a few mins then will just sit there all night no joke and will stay awake i put him in bed at 9 at night and i still heard him moving around at 1 am i went to bed and he then woke me up at 7 am crying so when he gets up he is so craby and is so tired i dont know how he can sit in his crib all night and no?

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Bryan May 19, 2010 10:05:48 AM ET

My 10 months old does not sleep thru the night. she waked up and instantly is bright eyed! its not like i can let her cry herself back becasue she is just standing up in the crib ready to go.

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Cristina Apr 30, 2010 03:18:02 AM ET

I completely understand what you all are going through. i am currently laying on the floor on a made-up bed of blankets next to my almost 12 month old son who refuses to sleep in his crib. we have tried everything we can, all of the methods, and nothing works! he has been nightnursing since he was born and still wakes about 2 to 3 times a night looking for me to feed him. i am trying to at least get him used to his own room and sleeping on his mattress, which is also on the floor surrounded by pillows right now. i just lay in the room next to the pillows and when i hear him calling for me i feed him. but that is the only way he will sleep without me. maybe it's something to do with the actual crib, the feeling of being enclosed/entrapped? i've heard of maybe giving him a bottle with just water in it through the night, and that eventually they get bored with water so they don't bother waking up at all. maybe we will try that once he is weaned from me. but he does do the same things - the only wanting to be in our bed but tossing and turning all night; and screaming and gagging himself if we attempt the cry it out method. i'm starting to feel like a bad mom. but i know that if anything, us moms that can't stand the cry it out method, at least we have a heart! we love our children and don't want to hear them suffer! well, somethings gotta give and ill just take it one day (and night) at a time for now.

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