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Michelle Apr 11, 2010 11:32:52 PM ET

My 13month old was sleeping through the night from birth to about 6months. then he stopped sleeping through the night. we put him to sleep at night and then put him in his cot. about 3-4 hours later he wakes up screaming and won't go back to sleep unless he is in our bed. we did try putting the cot right next to our bed and taking the side railing of so that he is in his cot but thinks he is in our bed. then after 4 weeks we put the side railing back on. with this we had him sleeping through the night again in his cot. but after a few weeks it started wearing of. maybe this might help you.

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Lucy Apr 10, 2010 12:23:16 PM ET

My 10 mth old such a fussy baby. don't get me wrong, she is happy as a lark, but very temperamental.....and she won't sleep. she has yet to sleep through the night, i am at my witts end. cio won't work for her, there is no way. she holds her breath.she doesn't even nap during the day and she goes about 100 miles per hour. i don't know how she does it.i don't know what to do.even if she wakes and i put her in my bed, she just crawls all over me. she is the sweetest little baby, but i can't help but to get frustrated with her.i don't know why she fights sleep so bad. she wakes up screaming. i know she has had a hard time with teething, but every nigh for 10 months rules out teething in my book. this is having a negative impact on my relationship with my three year old daughter, college, my personality, and my life. my first daughter was easy!! i know they are all different, but i couldn't imagine this different. help

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Kerry Mar 10, 2010 05:10:43 AM ET

Hi all, my son is almost a year and a half..and he's always been an awesome sleeper..untill recently and i'm not sure if it's cus all of his teeth are like coming in or what, but he usually sleeps in his crib all night but lately he just screams forever so i bring him in our bed and that's the only way he'll fall asleep and i don't want him getting use to this i want him to be that good sleeper again in his crib. what can i do?!?!

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claire Mar 8, 2010 10:51:16 AM ET

I agree, the cry it out method just doesnt work for some babies. it worked for one of mine but that was all. i have a 13 month old daughter and we have tried and tried this.... to no avail!

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Lesley Feb 22, 2010 10:02:51 PM ET

I have an 11 month old that does not sleep through the night and i have tried the cry it out method for 2 weeks-- it does not work! i just keep hoping she will eventually sleep more than 2 hours at a time. i think that saying to let them cry it out is like saying there are no other ways to teach a child to sleep and there has to be something better than that cruelty method. if anyone finds it-- please post immediately!!!

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Cynthia Feb 11, 2010 09:37:08 PM ET

My 11 month old son is very active and healthy, ive noticed he has been sneezing alott and hes got a really bad runny nose i was wondering if there is anything i can do to prevent him from getting sicker??

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Mel Feb 11, 2010 11:00:49 AM ET

My first boy did not sleep through the night at all until he was old enough for me to reason with him (around 2 years). i had no other choice. there is no magic answer. perhaps try to get used to the fact that this may happen until you can say "please don't wake mummy, i am so tired and need to sleep!" and they can understand you. but what i can say (2 years later) is that the time goes faster than it feels like it will at the time. before you know it they will be 4 and it will seem long a long time ago...

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Shoshii Feb 5, 2010 03:53:53 PM ET

My 10 month old hasn't slept through the night since he was born, & now it's gotten worse. he wakes up every half hour or so in his crib to see where i am & all he wants to do is sleep next to me in bed.when he does sleep next to me, he sleeps soundly. but i'm sick of people telling me to let him cry it out! i did it for one night & he threw up from crying so much & he was hysterical! i can't go a week doing this to my baby! what other solutions are there? & if there is not another solution, then more research about baby sleep should be done...coz this is not good enough! i'm exhausted, but i'd rather exhaust myself than see my baby crying hysterically & making himself sick!

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michelle Feb 5, 2010 02:35:12 PM ET

I am at my wits end my 11 month old daughter still wont sleep through. she screams when we put her in her cot for at least an hour untill she finally goes to sleep. we do the ferber method but it does not seem to sink in with her. she then wakes exactly 1 hour after falling to sleep and cries and then again in the early hours and wont go back to sleep just cries harder. its so exhausting every night even though we give in and she sleeps with us at the end of it she just wriggles all night and when 6am comes she wants to wake. i think im going stir crazy dont know what to do.!!!!

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cassandra Jan 26, 2010 06:26:57 PM ET

My son is 13 months old. at two months he started sleeping through the night from 12pm to 8am! by three months he could put himself to sleep at night, but not for naps i'd have to rock him. now the last 2-3 months he will not put himself to sleep at night anymore and is waking several times a night. i usually bring him to bed with a bottle. he's also getting harder to put down for a nap. it takes any where from 1/2 to 11/2 hrs to get him to sleep for a nap. last night he woke up at 2am and didn't not get back to sleep until 5am! his sleeping issues are getting worse with age, what's going on, he used to be an excellent sleeper?!

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