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Guest Jan 13, 2015 12:24:37 AM ET

I'm on cycle day 26, and i have been dry moody today. i have been feeling mild cramping for the last 3 to 4 days. what do you reckon?

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Nicole Dec 1, 2014 08:39:29 PM ET

I'm on cycle day 26. my breasts are so sore and full, and the veins are standing out. i'm getting cramps like my period is coming ,but i'm a day late. i took a morison's test and got a bfp! then, to make sure i took a clear blue digital and it said that i'm 2-3 weeks pregnant! i'm so happy and in shock. my main symptoms are sore boobs, cramping after eight, and mild cramping with full feeling. it's taken 7 months with only one ovary, so keep on trying ladies. i'm wishing for baby dust for all of you and keeping my fingers crossed as its early days.

Guest Jun 10, 2017 10:11:59 AM ET

Thank you for this post! i'm in a similar position, only having one ovary, and been 7 months of trying. haven't yet tested as i'm avoiding disappointment but, supposedly af due in 3 days but, this has given me so much hope that it may have actually worked this time.

Guest Jul 23, 2017 08:00:12 PM ET

I'm curious , did you end up getting a bfp?

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Guest Jul 18, 2014 03:36:21 PM ET

I came on my af on june 23-25, 2014, i began to have light bleeding (bright red) but very light bleeding on july 13-17. i barely used 1 pad per day. this morning there was another spot of pink mucous in the toilet paper. i will test on 8/1 because i had a blood hcg test on july 3rd which was negative. i believe i ovulated on 7/7 and implanted on the 13th, 6 days later. i'm not sure, but my dh and i have been having sex regularly since 6/25, and only stopped because the spotting started on 13th-17th. my fingers are crossed.

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Guest Jun 18, 2014 02:15:31 PM ET

Hi. i got my last depo shot on 30th may 2013. i have been trying to get pregnant since then with no fruits. i've read that ovulation starts 11 months after ones last depo shot. how do i boost my fertility?

Guest Aug 13, 2014 01:21:31 PM ET

I was on depo for 11 yrs and 4 months, and after going off i began ovulating. anything is possible however we are still trying with no results. we are now starting fertility monitoring.

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Guest Jan 2, 2014 10:44:07 PM ET

My period started dec 8th it says i was suppose to ovulate 18-22. i've been getting it in since then almost everyday but now i'm on day 26 no period more tired and hungry my bf said he's tired of hearing me say i'm tired. could i be pregnant? oh, and i've notice around my breast are starting to get lumpy a little.

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Guest Aug 16, 2013 06:49:56 AM ET

Thank you so much. its very nice. i like it.:d

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Ashley Jul 1, 2012 06:06:52 PM ET

I had my period on june 4th 2012 and then i started on the 30th of june 2012 i normaly have 28 to 30 day cycles i have three kids and after my last one iv had pain in my lower abdominel we i get my menstral and then when i try to pee or have a bowel movnet well now its wores it feels like some one is trying to rip my insides out it comes and gos but every time i try to go to the bath room its bad should i go to the er and could i be pregnant?

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pamela Jun 11, 2012 12:34:14 PM ET

My cycle is 26 days.i had my period on 28 dec. and met my partner on the 8jan.iwas expecting a baby boy but my ultrasound says baby girl

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myra Feb 26, 2010 10:41:17 AM ET

My period last jan 5 then i have a period again last jan 30 these feb i hve my period on 25 is it normal?but before i hv it i went to the dr.because last friday after sex my cervix bleed 3 days i used suppository then it bleed like mens i dont know now if it is menstuation or my cervics is bleeding im am worried im 41 with 2 kids.pls help me i cant sleep and eat im upset

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