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Babyboo Jun 17, 2017 03:01:59 PM ET

I'm on day 29 of my 31 day cycle ttc. 31 days induced with 5mg femara. obs says ovulation occurred approximately 13 days ago. i didn't test to avoid that stress this month. i've had abdominal cramps for 2 weeks. twinging and a dull pain on right side of lower abdomen. slight back pain. boobs still feel normal, they never ache during af. headaches frequent. none today. high progesterone at day 24 of cycle. holding thumbs... do u think i may be pregnant? did a test yesterday and bfn

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Sab Mar 31, 2017 05:30:45 AM ET

Okay so i have a 29 day cycle and today is day 29. sexually active during my fertility window because we've been ttc. feel hot most of the time which is wierd. normally feel cold 2-3 days before af so this is new. feel really gassy and see bubbling effects in my lower abdomen when i lie on my back. haven't seen any spotting so far and af is due tomorrow. tested negative 12dpo. really confused whether it's af or pregnancy. really praying dat af doesn't show up.

Danniell Sep 18, 2017 10:47:38 AM ET

Same here , what was your outcome?

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Emely Mar 16, 2017 03:20:16 AM ET

Today is the 29th day of my period. i have been feeling dizziness and stomach pain and cramps. i actually want more imformation and sometime i'm not feeling good. very heavy period. i dont know what to do and i'm scared

Catherine May 22, 2017 01:01:08 AM ET

This is 29th day of my period. i feel light back pain and legs.should i consult my doctor? i'm eagerly waiting for the positive report. can you help me?!

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Guest Mar 2, 2017 05:34:13 AM ET

My last period was on 2nd feb. i'm in 28th day of cycle. am i pregnant

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K Nov 25, 2016 01:02:06 PM ET

Today marks 29 days late for me sense i've been off my pills. on aug my cycle has been 25 days apart, besides my second sept cycle to oct was 27 days apart. on and off bleeding, spotting. been nauseous & sick sense nov.24th. can i be pregnant?

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layla Jan 5, 2015 01:29:56 PM ET

I haven't had a period for 29 days, and i'm concerned about pregnancy. i tested negative for an ectopic pregnancy test. the bleeding still continues. i was scared, and decided to get tested for cancer and even aids. what could be the possible answer for such a strange menstrual cycle?

Rebecca Feb 28, 2017 04:12:49 PM ET

Pcos or endometriosis

Guest Apr 26, 2017 06:24:38 PM ET

It could be a chemical pregnancy.

J Oct 3, 2017 07:33:41 PM ET

Hematoma of early pregnancy isn't uncommon.

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brittany Oct 11, 2011 05:41:42 PM ET

Ok i am on cycle day 23 and my period is a 29 day cyle..i ovulated on the 3rd of oct and had intercourse on the 1st oct.should my cervical position ba low and firm at this point which will indicate pregnancy? im 8dpo and due for my period on the 17th od oct..please help i need info asap

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joe Oct 10, 2011 03:02:34 PM ET

Doesn't look like a problem to me. my cycles vary in length also, and as long as it's not shorter than 20 or 21 days or longer than 45 days it's normal to experience a slightly longer cycle. if you are stressed in any kind of way (you may be and not realize it) it can throw your cycle off but is nothing to worry about.

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Neek Jul 10, 2011 09:48:57 AM ET

My last period was june 10,2011. my cycle was always regular in time coming on 28 days after the last and this month it came on 30 days later. what could be the possible problem?

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