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Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy - Do You Know The 10 Pregnancy Signs? Comments & Discussion

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Blessed Mar 13, 2018 04:18:22 PM ET

I had unprotected sex then took posting 2 on the third day two weeks after i had my period came in due time but was very light. it's about a month now. i've been tested malaria positive. could it be that i'm pregnant? please help me.

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Hannah Feb 19, 2018 05:12:17 PM ET

So, i have irregular periods. i have not had a period since january 5. i tested last week but it was negative and i'm keeping in mind that due to my irregular periods i don't know when i ovulate or will get my period. yesterday and the day before i had some light pink spotting when i wiped and some light cramping but not barely as bad as with my af. the spotting has stopped. could this be implantation bleeding or just some spotting?

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Jully Jan 24, 2018 09:42:46 PM ET

I had an abortion and two weeks after i have these signs; frequent urination and my tummy enlarges. does this mean i am still pregnant?

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Amber Jan 12, 2018 08:30:02 PM ET

So, i had a period a week and a half before i slept with my new boyfriend. 3 weeks later and i had a light period for 2 days, not the usual 5. i'm going to the toilet more and feeling a little sick at night! could this be anything?

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Guest Dec 17, 2017 09:54:13 PM ET

So, my last.cycle was nov 19th. i'm due today 12/19, but haven't started. that's not normal for me, i'm normally right on time. been tired, constipated, just noticed i have to use the bathroom more and there is white discharge, no itching. also i have this constant headache and some mild cramping. any chance i could be pregnant?

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Xiluva Dec 6, 2017 02:25:06 AM ET

I last had my period on the 26-32 october. i and my hubby, we've been trying for a baby lately. so we decided to it everyday. so i missed for november and then i started experiencing tiredness, dark yellow urine, breast tenderness, i'm starting to be sexually inactive and nausea at anytime during the day. is there any chance that i could be pregnant?

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Guest Nov 10, 2017 06:50:59 PM ET

I had intercourse with my partner (unprotected), 2-3 days after, i experienced frequent urination. what does it mean? thanks.

Guest Nov 20, 2017 05:32:53 PM ET

Watch for signs of a urinary tract infection.

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tonto Nov 10, 2017 06:58:29 AM ET

Hey, i have been ttc for three years with no luck. my last period was a month ago then, yesterday i noticed a small amount of light bleeding come out wen wiping and it reminded me that i've been urinating more then usual. can i be pregnant?

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Daisy Hively Nov 1, 2017 02:59:37 PM ET

I've been having to pee constantly and i just recently started to spot but, i shouldn't be starting for another month. but, the home test that i took was negative.

Proud mommy Nov 4, 2017 04:58:11 PM ET

Try again, it's best to wait 5 days after your missed period. if it is still coming up negative, go to the doctors and take a blood test.

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Joy Oct 27, 2017 02:41:31 PM ET

I'm very hormonal over everything and the last couple of days i've had to pee a lot. could i be pregnant?

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