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Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy - Do You Know The 10 Pregnancy Signs? Comments & Discussion | Page 34

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Alicia Jun 28, 2012 01:07:19 AM ET

My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex about two weeks ago from today june, 28 2012. i missed my period and have sore tender breast and been eating and craving like crazy, and if i dont eat then i get these major headaches until i eat again. im also really tired and sleep like my days away, and i urinate like every 10 min. i took a home pregnancy test 10 days after it happened but the test came out negative. could i be pregnant? please helpp!!!

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WORRIED IN FL Jun 27, 2012 03:28:58 PM ET

Hi! i am concerned i might be prego.. this would be my 2nd pregnancy. my period was nearly 5 days late and its never late. i took a hpt yesterday, negative. then started bleeding today. but its not 'normal' looking at the ovulation calculators and my 'guestimate' dates of conception are dead on. and i 'just feel prego' could i be prego? thanks!

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Shardae Jun 27, 2012 01:29:18 AM ET

June 2, 2012 i came on my cycle! anyway me and my boyfriend been having sex since that day well today is june 27, 2012 and i was spotting, but before that i was cramping for a few days and also had breast tenderness. am i pregnant? ps. ttc

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jen Jun 26, 2012 01:21:38 AM ET

On june 21(thursday) i notice i had light pink spotting and this was 4 days before i am supposed to start my period (i have a regular period that last 6 days every time); i thought i just started early but it was just for that one day and then the next nothing. so i took a home pregnancy test(saturday) it came out negative. it's been three days since i took the test and still no menstrual period. do u think i'm pregnant and just took the test to early?

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Tif Jun 25, 2012 10:31:00 PM ET

Two weeks ago i had very light pink spotting and it was only one day.... usually when i start my period it's light spotting then the next day is a heavy flow. it's been two weeks since the spotting and i still have yet to start my period. i have very irregular periods so i never know when i'm ovulating or when my period is going to start. could i be preggo??

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Lynn Jun 25, 2012 04:30:25 PM ET

I had sex when i was ovulating and he came in me and now im having bad mood swings, darkness of my areolas and bumps on them and way more tired. ill start my period around the 1st-5th but its worst symptoms then normal when i have my period. am i pregnant?

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anon Jun 24, 2012 11:41:04 AM ET

Corbin it sounds to me like you were pregnant and had a miscarriage, i had the same thing happen awhile ago it also could be serious if the headaches and bleeding persist more then 2 wks you need to see a doctor. genesis you are just having a normal period sometimes we have the bleeding that turns the brownish color not just as a sign of pregnancy but also of ovulation and even end of our period so its hard to say but if it turns red at all even light then its just your period if you are pregnant you will not have any red bleeding only the pinkish or brown color hope this helps

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Montana Jun 24, 2012 05:44:30 AM ET

Hi ladies i am a little confused as i have been ttc for 2 and a half years and really hope this is my time as i have been having cramps and feeling sick in the morning and sometimes of a night time i also tend to feel tierd more. i am not due my period for another 7 days unless i go longer as i have irregular periods help !

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Kheri Jun 23, 2012 01:09:57 PM ET

I used the ovulation predictor and we had sex. my peroid is a week late yet i did start. but it is light. and i have cramps that feel the same just less potent. does this mean i'm pregnant?

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corbin Jun 21, 2012 05:56:38 PM ET

Last month i missed my period i started having real bad cramps in my lower stomach and my nipples were tendered and i'm still having these symptoms. 3 weeks after my missed period i started spotting brown, then 2 days later i started bleeding, like a bright red color, but it wasn't my period well at least i don't think... been having bad headaches as well. and every test i took even blood test came back negative.. and i'm still having a light red bleeding does this mean i'm pregnant?

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