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Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy - Do You Know The 10 Pregnancy Signs? Comments & Discussion | Page 38

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miranda May 14, 2012 07:01:26 PM ET

Hey. i have a almost 5 month old daugter but lately i've been tired and getting a belly, using the bathroom more and i'm a little scared...? am i pregnant again?

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christa May 14, 2012 03:52:43 AM ET

Hi everyone i am a bit confused here, i am on a 30 day circle menstruation period and i started my circle on the 01/may/2012 and it lasted for 4 days. last thursday on the 10 may 2012 i had an argument with my partner which could mean the end of our relationship. yesterday evening on the 13 of may 2012 our argument escalated but we ended up making love without protection and again on the mornig 14 may 2012 we make love without a protection. does this mean i might ne pregnant i dont want to raise the baby alone because myself i was raised by a single parent and i know how hard it is on the other hand the abortion is not a solution for me. i am scared and not sure what to think anymore, i am working & can take care of the baby by myself but knowing where i am coming from this is not a solution for me. i am confused please help.

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Amanda May 11, 2012 04:10:21 PM ET

Hi i am13 days late and i have pcos i've been having all the symptoms of pregnancy like alot of watery discharge very tired nauseous at times slight cramping and i'm moody but my test my test are coming back negative even the blood test i'm so confused. last month my period was very light like only had to use 3 pads i usually get my period every 28 days but it's the 11th now and still nothing also i feel like my lower abdomen is stretching i don't know how else how to explain it what ia going on with me

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ashley May 8, 2012 03:47:37 PM ET

I was on the pill i got off it to try to have another baby but ever since i got off the pill almost 3 months ago all ive done is gain weight but nothing? i just got off my period may 3rd and had unprotected sex could i be pregnant this soon? please help

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shacole May 3, 2012 07:08:26 PM ET

My last period was 03/31/2012 me and my ex have been having unprotected sex and ive been sleeping alot and having alot of stomach pain i was expecting my period to come on the 28th of april it's march 3 and still no period can i be pregnant?

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Tonya May 2, 2012 12:27:57 PM ET

I got my mirena removed on 2/21/2012. my hubby & i started ttc right away. i took 4 hpt & they all came back positive so i went to the doctor just to confirm. we found out on 3/18/2012 that we are expecting! i also had some light bleeding & it scared me so i went to the er & the doc said i just wasn't as far along as they thought. they was thinking i was 5 weeks, but im not. my due date as of now is still 12/21/2012, maybe a christmas baby, which ichristmas day is our wedding anniversary:) congrats to everyone & baby dust to those who are ttc!

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Hannah Apr 22, 2012 08:47:56 PM ET

My boyfriend and i had protected sex about two weeks ago. ever since then i have been hungry. i eat and eat and am still hungry. i have a high metabolism, so usually i gain no weight, but since we had sex i have gained 6 pounds? and it's going to my stomache! but i have been having my period? so i'm kinda confused..

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nilima Apr 18, 2012 09:36:31 AM ET

I m 33,i have a 7 year old daughter trying for second baby since three months using ovulation tests but still not pregnant.

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Jackie Apr 16, 2012 02:59:21 PM ET

Hi everyone, im 24yrs old and i myself have a 43 day cycle and i had it from march 25-30, 6 days normal and my fiancé & i had unprotected sex on april the 1st night. a week after my period april 5 i had light cramping & a light pink spotting when i wiped after using the bathroom. only lasted for one day. ever since i've felt tired, moody, constipated, mild cramps and headache from time to time, a lil nausea, and weird sensation in the stomach like constant growling/gurgling. i wanted to know if its even possible for me to be pregnant because of that one unprotected night and if i would have to wait til my next period in may since my cycle is 43 days. very excited to know because we want to be pregnant. wanted to hear maybe people who have gone through this themselves with positive outcomes. i don't want to think all this is in my head. thank you ladies in advance. baby dust to all.

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blenda Apr 12, 2012 04:06:19 PM ET

I had my period on the 14 of march 2012 on the 28 of march i think i was implanting because i had a brownish period again . today is the 30th day of my period and is still not here .. could i be pregant or just wait for the whole month to finish to noe if i am?

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