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Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy - Do You Know The 10 Pregnancy Signs? Comments & Discussion | Page 44

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latisha Jan 12, 2011 09:53:30 AM ET

For those women who have pcos there is hope on getting pregnant i have pcos myself last year june i became pregnant in 26 yrs of age and tht was my first time ever getting pregnant but a month later i had a miscarraige. but what u have to do is take care of your body take vitamins and excercise. i take vitamin d and calicuim every day thats what your body needs maybe your body is missing something talk to your doctor dont give up good luck ladies.

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Debbie Nov 30, 2010 09:23:05 AM ET

I feel most of ways u girls feel.i started noticing light spotting just few days after my last ovulation,followed by cramping mostly in the evening,frequent visit to toilets,metalic taste,enlarged breast,sore around areola i could count on and on.wen my period was due this month it came 2days earlier with a brownish spotting and after 2 days i bled well and it stoped the next day.i took pregnancy home test it came positive and after a week i took blood test it came back neg but i still feels all the sympoms pls can someone tell me wat is happening to me thanks.

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Nikki Nov 29, 2010 01:36:05 PM ET

Me and my fiance are ttc and have been trying since oct.i normally start my periods on or around the 25th of the month,i have never been irregular.however,in sep.i had a regular period,in oct.i didn't have one.i was 2 weeks late and started on nov.7th,this month.i tested negative on an far for this month,weve had sex on the 6th,14th,,19th,20th,25th,26th and the 29th.sorry tmi,anyhow,i've been using the ovulation kit to help me determine my days of ovulation.come to find out,i ovulate 4 days in a month,so we timed our sex around supposed to start my period next week,all of the hpt's are still negative.maybe too soon to show.but within the last 2 weeks,ive been experiancing different things.acne,which i only get a few days before a period usually.creamy white discharge with no odor,heartburn occasionally,excessive burping,a little fatigue,a week ago,i was hungry again right after meals,but now,no appetite.headaches,and last week cramping for one day.and cramping yesterday and the day left nipple is sore,i have fluid coming out of my right nipple.dizziness at some point.nausea only sometimes after i fiance is eating a gallon of icecream with like 6 packs of nuttybutter bars at one time,everyday.he is eating almost all day and he's having heartburn as well and some nausea.i also felt some fluttering in my stomach last week for a couple of days.could i be pregnant,even though these tests are negative.i have one week left for my period,i will test again if i don't get it.but,what does this sound like to you?

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TIFFANY Nov 24, 2010 12:26:09 PM ET

Im about 4 days late im extremley tired i do find myself peeing like early mornings alot i just noticed when i wipe when i used the restroom today i had brownish colordischarge on it used the restroom again it was gone i have headaches early mornings and i wana eat everything why could i be pregnant?????

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Liz Nov 23, 2010 02:00:57 PM ET

So i had a misscariage over a month ago and had a d&c 2 days after , so its been a little over a month for that, me and my boyfriend had been having unprotected sex after the d&c and before my period or what i thought to be my period during my period and then after my period lasted longer this time but in the beggning it was spotting and then i had a heavy flow and then spotting again for two days and it just stopped, i have been feeling very tired latley , nausius, and my breasts are tender and only one of my aerolas is darker,i also have been experencing some cramps and im very bloated but i dont know if i could be pregnant this fast after the misscarriage its only been a little over a month

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Paryss Nov 15, 2010 02:39:59 AM ET

I have been having heartburn and very tender & swollen breast most pain in right breast. i could be preg but i dunno!

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ryza Oct 7, 2010 01:20:55 AM ET

I have a pcos, do i have a chance to be pregrant?

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Kelli Sep 23, 2010 05:36:50 PM ET

To start off, i'm pretty new at this. i'm about to finish month 2 of ttc. i had been on bc for almost 10 years. my twin sister conceived her baby at month 2 after getting off of bc. i hope i have the same luck as she. i should start on the 25th or 26th . i have been nasuated and so tired, very moody, tender breasts & my skin has broken out. when should i take my first pregnancy test? thanks everyone

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Jess Aug 17, 2010 12:31:36 AM ET

Well i've been experiencing having to go to the bathroom almost every 15 minutes. and i don't know why. i hope im not pregnant. im to young. my period is supposed to start next wednesday. and my birth control hasn't been working cuz of anti biotics. i don't know what to do. am i pregnant?

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sadie Jul 28, 2010 05:57:03 PM ET

I feel bloated and i have a little bit of a tummy. people ask me if i'm pregnat all the time! i have like 2 days of just a bit of pinky blood on my tissue. i've felt sick a couple of times but nothing major... my breasts don't hurt to touch but i sometimes get a funny feeling. my stomach feels really heavy. i'm too scared to take a test as i really want a + result. and if i'm not, why haven't i had a period. i'm scared i'm in furtile

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