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Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy - Do You Know The 10 Pregnancy Signs? Comments & Discussion | Page 9

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Tanya Feb 19, 2015 12:47:03 AM ET

My last period was in january, but i can't remember when. i think it was the start of january. i had unprotected sex on the 3rd of february and took tests that came out negative. i'm getting a really sore back pain and have been sick. i have most of the signs. i have no signs of a period yet for this month. thanks.

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Guest Feb 17, 2015 01:47:33 PM ET

When implantation happens, what immediately happens to the cervix? is it closed or open? also, does the cervix stay closed after the ovulation finishes?

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anonymous Feb 16, 2015 07:30:20 PM ET

I had unprotected sex on jan 30th and 31st. my period, or what i thought was my period came on the 3rd of feb, and ended on the 8th. i had unprotected sex again on the 9th. could i be pregnant?

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Frozen Elsa Feb 15, 2015 01:27:01 PM ET

I had my last period last december 29th, 2014, and i had sex with my hubby on my 8th cycle day. but i still haven't gotten my monthly period. i took 2 pregnancy tests in the last 2 weeks, but they came back negative. am i pregnant?

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kelly Feb 12, 2015 01:47:46 PM ET

I had my period on the 30th of jan, and was done on the 3rd of feb. i had unprotected sex on the 6th of feb, and during the following week i had cramps which were a bit different from the ones i get before my periods starts. i also use the bath room more frequently. my breasts are full, and my nipples are painful. i don't understand what's happening. am i pregnant?

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Essy Feb 12, 2015 11:28:36 AM ET

I had my period on the 26th of january had unprotected sex on the 6th, 7th, and 10th. i'm having serious constipation and gas. i know i'm pregnant.

Essy Apr 15, 2015 07:13:20 AM ET

Yes, i'm pregnant! good news.

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gladys Feb 11, 2015 10:07:07 PM ET

My last period was in january it came the 12 ended the 16-17. me and my husband had sex on february 1st. i took two home pregnancy tests and they came out negative. it might be too early, but i have every sign of a pregnant woman. i feel so tired. i'm urinating 7 to 8 times a day. i have tender breasts, lower back pain, and i still haven't gotten my period. is there a possibility that i might be pregnant?

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kay Feb 10, 2015 04:24:21 AM ET

I had sex on the 28th of december, and my last period was on the 7th of january. i just found out that i'm pregnant, but i'm not sure who the father is. i had sex on the 19th of january also. can someone please help me out? i'm freakin' out.

Anonomus Feb 13, 2015 02:10:08 PM ET

From what i have read, good sperm can last up to about 6 days after sex. your best bet is go to the doctor and have an ultrasound, that will tell you how far along you are, which should help you determine who the father is.

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sara Feb 10, 2015 03:12:30 AM ET

I had unprotected sex on january 8th. then, my period came on the 21st, and lasted through the 27th. then, i spotted a week later any suggestions.

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Neha khattar Feb 9, 2015 07:02:25 PM ET

My period ended on the 7th of feb, and we had unprotected sex on 9th. what are the chances of me getting pregnant???

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