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Transitioning from Crib to Toddler Bed Comments & Discussion | Page 3

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blue May 20, 2010 11:43:44 PM ET

I have the same problem as Narelle and have done the same thing and is 3months pregnant. My son climbed out of his cot yesterday and landed straight on his head. I dont want to take that risk again and have removed one side of his cot and used a rail. well, he slept for an hour, then ended up in our bed for the rest of the night!! :( ideas ideas ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Narelle May 18, 2010 12:41:17 AM ET

Our near 2yr old has figured out how to get out of his cot. Now night 3 in toddler bed & we have a night walker & crier!!! We put a gate by his door, but he hasn't got the message to stay in bed & sleep. I am 4mnths pregnant & exhausted with all this night waking!!! HELP

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yvonne May 16, 2010 03:40:09 PM ET

Hi ther i have tried putting my 21 mnth old son into a big boy bed on several occasions and he will go to sleep fine noramlly with some cuddles from me but every time he will wake at about 1am and stay awake till 3.30 4am and im completly lost as to what to do he ends up back in his crib but still stays awake. he is really exited about the bed and loves the fact that mummy and daddy have a big bed but he wnt last the night and putting a gate up doesnt work either he stays up for hours.... also any tips on weaning him off the bottle theres never been a dummy but cannot get rid of this bottle he has to go to sleep with it wont go any other way.

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Lorri Randle May 5, 2010 07:55:56 PM ET

We moved our 2 year old to a big boy bed just two nights ago. He is in the 99% for height and the crib just wasn't fitting him any more. I am also due with number 2 in July-9 weeks. He use to sleep 10 hours at night and take a 3 hour nap in the day. Our problem isn't at night, he is so tired he falls right to sleep-its during the day for naps the past two days. The thing is, he isn't crying to get out, actually he doesn't want to get out when I go get him. He LIKES his new bed TOO MUCH. He loves to roll around and explore and talks the whole entire 2 hours I leave him in there now. Most articles I've read talk about what to do if your child isn't sleeping because they want to get out and are crying, any suggestions on what to do if he is playing now? I know he isn't ready to drop the nap because he gets really cranky too soon before his regular bed time (7:30) and no way can he go from taking a 3 hour nap to no nap at all in one day. Should I put him back in his crib for the sake of the nap?

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Angie Apr 13, 2010 06:59:46 PM ET

Elyse... We went through the same thing with our three year old. He slept with us until January 2010. It was my new years resolution to get him into his own bed. It was a long long week and a lot of patience. We still let him keep his light on door closed, closet doors open, sheets just perfect..ect. He has been doing very well and has his toddler moments where he needs a reassurance that were are there and a little snuggle. I tried stories on my ipod, several different white noses, and he eventually just started telling us what he liked and didn't like. Good Luck and remember to breathe! Stick to your guns and don't give in.

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ELYSE Mar 3, 2010 03:30:56 PM ET


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Ginger Feb 19, 2010 04:24:04 PM ET

To Brittany, I am going through almost the same thing, my son doesnt wake up at night yet. But he wont stay there when I am trying to put him to sleep. Everything I have read says you put them back in bed and tell them the rules about bedtime and staying in bed the first time they get out of bed. The second time, you dont say anything. I have watched the show the supernanny put a kid back in the bed like 100 times, and it works. I hope it works for me, and hope I have the patience to keep going!!!

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Ginger Feb 19, 2010 04:21:16 PM ET

TO Gail, I wouldnt put her in a todler bed unless you feel like it would help. Its not prolly not the crib thats upsetting her, its sleeping, maybe even alone. There are several theories that go with this. My son used to wake up crying, and it was because he wasnt ready to wake up. So I would let him cry it out, and he would go back to sleep, it took about 3 days, and by the third day, he was getting himself back to sleep, not a single tear. The anxiety about going to sleep can possibly be soothed with a very drawn out routeen to make her feel comfortable in her room, then in her crib. A book of her choice next to the crib. Then one in the crib. Sing her a song. Sit in the door way, and read her one of your books. The sound of your voice being calm and consistant will tell her its ok. We started this with out son when he was 1. If you just keep with it for a week, you might be surprised.

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Crystal Jul 30, 2009 05:59:32 PM ET

Brittnay from PA, You need to be firm, it will be hard (my husband is away during the week and my 5 year old is allowed to sleep with me only when he is gone and when she is being rewarded. This was very hard to "engrave" into her as she wanted to sleep in our bed every day of the week once I allowed her to sleep there. Our youngest sleeps better in her own crib). We stick to a set bedtime shedule and do the same thing everynight before cuddling on the couch together to read two books, one for each child. You probably should take the television out of her room, and substitute it with another reward that she ONLY receives when she has slept through the night. Something like a point system where if she earns so many stars, she will be able to have a baking day with her mom, have a picnic in the park, or read an extra book at bedtime, etc.

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Gail Jun 28, 2009 07:35:57 AM ET

My daughter has always hated her crib. She has never once woken up happy and playful and the sight if it makes her nervous and upset. She is only 19 months old, but I am thinking about transitioning her in to a toddler bed, though I'm not sure she is ready for it. She wakes up often in her crib and is hysterical almost immediately. Any thoughts? I guess I'm hoping a change of bed will help her sleep without so much anxiety.

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