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Decoding the Cough in Babies & Toddlers Comments & Discussion | Page 2

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Debbie Feb 21, 2013 09:27:59 PM ET

My 3 yr old daughter having chesty cough and wheeze , took her to dr still coughing . please help

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Sam Nov 2, 2012 06:04:16 PM ET

My 19week old baby boy has had a cough since he was born, he's seen various doctors, health visitors and one occasion took him to hospital. he's never had a temperature, and apart from being a sicky baby, is ok in himself. the doctor prescribed a ventolin inhaler last week as he said my baby could have asthma , but i don't think it's helped at all. his cough's getting more frequent. any ideas ? should i demand for him to be referred to a specialist?

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crystal Oct 28, 2012 10:11:11 PM ET

Catherine, coughing after eating, sign of allergies yes. most likely the food he's eating. get a new pedi, get that child a allergy test. allergy

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catherine Oct 13, 2012 03:48:42 AM ET

My 3 year old grandson has a cough but is triggered mainly when he eats something. took him to doc and she said everything is fine and it is alegies. what is your outlook on this?

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Brady Sep 19, 2012 02:01:26 AM ET

My daughter (at one year) seen 4 different doctors that said her chest was clear even after xrays. she was severely congested, had a bad dry cough, watery eyes, and post nasal drip. well, one month later, i took her to the er once again because she had all the same symptoms still that progressed execept this time she was constantly coughing and throwing up. she ate well and appeared to be just fine. she had ran high fevers for a month with the doctors telling me she was fine it was just a cold or virus. at the er 3 doctors told us her chest was clear once again. they told us to go get her xrays taken. after waiting in the er after my daughter constantly throwing up for 3 hours, the main doctor seen us and said she had walking pneumonia. i knew something wasn't right for a whole month and i'm glad that she didn't have to be hospitalized for it with walking pneumonia it takes a while before things get to the point where a child needs to be hospitalized (in our case, she had it for one month). she still had the cough weeks later and now it has possibly returned. make sure you keep looking for solutions and follow your gut if you truly believe that there is something wrong with your children.

Krystal Oct 29, 2013 01:32:24 PM ET

You're absolutely right, it's sad that some doctors don't "see" anything wrong with the child no matter how many times you bring them in. always follow your gut when it comes to your children! momma knows best

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Sakeitha Aug 1, 2012 04:55:07 AM ET

My one year old has a history of pnemonia and also has asthma. but jus recently he has had a runny nose with green mucus, a constant cough, congestion all day ,.rattling in the chest, and now vomitting. he has an appt. with the peds. but i really wanna take him to the er tonight..also he cant get any sleep at all. he took his nebulizer and has baby vapor rub but nothing seems to help.. wat should i do ???

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Krisandra Mar 22, 2012 12:42:26 AM ET

My son has a cough, sound rattly when he breathes, a fever of 100.6 and has vomitted twice within half an hour. any ideas?

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lisa Feb 23, 2012 03:42:46 AM ET

One thing my ped always says is it that it almost always sounds worse than it is. i hate to admit it, but so far, he has been right :) if the chest sounds clear per doctor, and your child's mood is ok, and they are fever free, the cough does have a tendency to linger for some time. as far as vomiting, more often than not, a toddler or younger-aged child isn't actually vomiting per se, they are coughing up mucous and that is what is making them sick/spit up. that is what happens to my kids, they gag, and what is thrown up is mucousy (sometimes including small amount of food). i am not doc, but here again, my ped says the action of coughing so hard and bringing up mucous triggers the sick feeling in toddlers, and causes spitting up/light vomiting. i hope this is helpful info to someone. as a super worrisome parent as well, i have bombarded my ped with so many questions about this stuff, i thought i'd share :)

Qasha Feb 7, 2013 11:43:56 PM ET

Exactly the same for my 15 mts old baby. the vomitting that accompany the cough is actually the mucus our little one tried very hard to get rid off. everytime she vomits, we will contain it in her toy bucket. i can clearly see the mucus , clear and thick amongst the digested milk curds and some solid foods. she's in good mood, no fever, no diarrhoea. only runny nose which is now drying up, after two weeks of difficult breathing due to the blocked nose.

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annabelle Jan 11, 2012 06:20:13 AM ET

I am on the same boat. i have 18month baby and he has been with cough on and off for 1 month now.sometimes with mucos and sometimes dry.i took him to 3 different ped but all told m e the same that the chest is clear.but its freeking me when i hear him .pls help

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jen Dec 6, 2011 10:28:17 PM ET

My daughter is 11 months and she's had a bad cough for about 3 weeks. wakes up at nap time and night from coughing so bad.also in the am. dr.said she was fine, well everytime she coughs she screams. not sure what's going on. she has a mucas cough, but when i bring her in. they can never hear anything.someone help;

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