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Lifestyle Changes Women Should Make When Trying To Conceive Comments & Discussion

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Guest Sep 2, 2014 02:37:21 AM ET

We are trying to have a family.

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Guest Sep 2, 2014 02:32:06 AM ET

We have been trying to have more baby, but nothing. i just started today. i don't know when i when i will get pregnant again.

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Lucy Mar 18, 2013 11:40:43 PM ET

I have endrometroisis and trying for a baby. me an my partner has been trying for 1 year and still no sign.

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tiffeny Oct 4, 2011 06:04:10 PM ET

My boyfriend and i are trying to conceive we know which days to try and which days not to try but i am wondering can we try more than once a day or is it only once a day every other day? any answers would be great

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Lilianna Aug 26, 2011 11:06:15 PM ET

I have been off the depo shot for a year now and am trying to get preganant. do you know if the depo would cause any problems with this?

Lilly May 17, 2014 06:44:07 AM ET

It takes about a year to conceive it should start wearing down. good luck.

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ana Mar 25, 2011 11:07:50 PM ET

Hi mi names ana and my husband and i have tried to conceive a baby for maybe more than 4 years already and dont know wat else to do is it just us someone???

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Kristi Dec 4, 2010 04:04:23 PM ET

Paige, maybe nothing has happened because god knows you are not ready for a baby. i had my daughter on my 19th birthday. she was very healthy. but she cried all the time because her belly hurt. she wouldnt let anyone but me hold her until she was almost a year old. i was trying to take care of her and work. a baby needs everything! i love my daughter with all my heart but if i had it to do over again i would have waited. i thought her dad and i were so in love and that we woujld be a happy little family. but once she was here and we wernt getting any sleep we starting fighting over everything! so from the time my daughter was 4 months old till just 2 years ago (she is 12 years old now) i was a single mom.i refused to live on government funding so most of the time i was working two full time jobs just so i could make sure she had diapers, formula, and a home. i missed a lot of her growing up because i was always working. i am 31 and just now planning to try for another baby. you should just enjoy your life with your boyfriend right now and do everything you can like college and traveling because once you have a baby, your entire life is that baby!

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teresa d Aug 22, 2010 06:20:06 AM ET

Ive had the norplant in my arm for 11yrs .finally got it removed completely in may. i'm 30 now want another kid. so me and my husband have been trying but nothing's happened yet. can anyone help? or have an answer for us?

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jojo Aug 3, 2010 05:52:05 PM ET

Hi,im 30 & my wife is 27.we hve bng tryng 2 hve a second child for 18 months but nothing happens.wat can a man do 2 help?

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Kristen Jul 13, 2010 12:09:58 PM ET

Hi i'm kristen, i am 24 graduated from college, and my hubby is 27. we both work full-time and have great health insurance :) we have recently decided to start officially "trying" yay! any advice? i am already taking prenatals with folic acid, eating better and cutting down on the caffeine and have never smoked... thanks so much!

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