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Lynn May 23, 2010 10:33:44 PM ET

I have very irregular periodss. my boyfriend and i haven't been "trying" to have a baby but we haven't been using any protection. we've been hoping to get pregnant but nothing has happened.

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anna May 9, 2010 10:27:22 PM ET

Paige,i live in diffrent country and sex is legle at 16 and everyone braggs,, i had my first at 18 and had such a bvad pregnacy and labour, got server depressiona and had my 1st adopted then 2 yrs later gave birth to my 2nd a which i didnt had simler problems and she 2 went for adoption at 7 days old, they were right dessions for me, when i was 23 i had my 3d and it was a walk park compared to myother kids, i have contact with my other kids and there so hppy and they no i gave there mummys them as there tummies didnt work,my daughter which is 3rd is 1 yr old and she lives with me and dad, she is advanced and loves everyone and animals mad, wait abit, descover who u are ,what u want, are u really ready for a long labour, u usely dialte when in labour 1 cm a hr, but coiuld up to 3 with ur first and longer, so u could be in labour few hours, days or weeks, my friend had her baby at 18 and was in labour for 3 weeks, u will gain weight,have strecth marks abd could end up haveing csection whuch will leave a scare and haveing the next child naturley could become diffuclute, so reallylook in to fiance, pregnacy,labour, and all the strecth marks weight gain, boobs which head south as all mums do, iam 23 and have gained 2 inchs on my boobs due to haveing my kids eaarly, my sister is haveing first baby at 30 and she had no problems, no stretch maarks rither, she was on birth control for 16 yrs so simler to u and fell pregnat within 3 yrs, also could u handle a miscarrige or still birth as this is reallty of haveing baby, ike debby says, could u handled a child with health probolems, my 3rd has server allergies and requires special diet which adds a 60 a fortnite on on our shoping to ensure she geting all the proper food, specially perufume free nappies. babies coat a foutreen, 3enjoy freedom, and grow with parten as lots of young mums and dadds split up befor babys 1 , due to haveing no time for each other or money issues, if u still want baby then relaxe get full health cheack on u and partner, and take folic acid and relaxe and it will happen, i fell pregnate with first withn 2 days of being with my hubby and i was birth controll, 1 mastake ment haveing child 2 early, with 2nd i didnt no iu was pregnate till 8 months pregnate same problem bith controll faiuler

Joan Dec 19, 2013 11:17:55 PM ET

You sound like a very nice person and your advice seems pretty wise. :)

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debbie Feb 6, 2010 09:01:22 PM ET

I think you should consider school, and marriage first. raising a child at eighteen is extremly difficult as well as it takes a major toll on your body. i had my first child at eighteen, trust me, its easier to have a baby when you are in your tweenties. my advice would be wait a few more years, are you prepared for a special needs, child, there is no guareentee it will be healthy, i ate everything i should, took vitamins, did'nt drink, did'nt smoke, saw my doctor regualarly and well, i got a child who need major surgies, a feeding tube, oygen , etcc. it was nothing i did, it was just the way god made my baby, he now has autism as well, sometimes things don't turn out as you plan them too, no one could have prepared us for our journey with our son, he is a blessing, but it involves extensive medicial care, expensive therpy, schools, lots of medication some not covered by insurance, patience, giving up your entire life, if your child is prone to stopping breathing, the last thing you do is leave them with daycare, babysitters of even family, i have a very large family, but they will be just as unprepared as you. i was told during my pregnancy my child was perfectly healthy, sometimes that is not true, and just like you i was 18. never think that it can't happen, i never considered what could happen, and no matter what i say to you now, could not describe what it means to have a child with special needs, it means spending most of the first few years in doctor offices, or hospitals, or around the clock care, it meen giving up all your social life. there is never a guareentee, my son is almost nine now, and it is still alot of work and commitment.

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Paige Jan 16, 2010 04:56:22 AM ET

Well i been on birthcontrol for a very long time since i was 14 and now im 18 and i wanna have a kid but me and my boyfriend has been trying soo hard and nothing comes to can i become pregnet??

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