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Causes of Bleeding During Pregnancy Comments & Discussion | Page 2

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Kaz&Lucase Jun 17, 2017 12:12:28 PM ET

Hi i'm 43 and just found out i'm 5weeks pregnant with my 4th baby. it's been 16 years since my last baby. and i'm a little worryed because i have started bleeding slightly after i did reach up my orange tree to pull some of the tree down. should i be worried?

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Guest Apr 17, 2017 05:49:45 PM ET

I am about three months pregnant. when i went to wipe this morning there was a light blood, and there's a little pain in my lower abdomen. is that normal or should i go to the er?

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Vanessa Apr 16, 2017 09:16:49 AM ET

I am 20 weeks, and i have light bleeding. should i be worried?

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Natasha Apr 8, 2017 08:01:54 AM ET

This morning when i wiped there was a little bit of blood but none in my underwear i'm 18 weeks pregnant. my mom says it's normal. is it?

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Alexa Feb 28, 2017 01:58:02 AM ET

I'm barely 6 months pregnant, and when i pee i saw my urine dark with little bit of red. and when i wipe myself afterwards, i see little bit of red. it barely started today. what does this mean? will it get worse later on?

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Iris Pena Feb 6, 2017 01:12:31 PM ET

Hi, i'm now 6 weeks pregnant... 4 days ago i went to the hospital for mild pain and bleeding (5weeks at the time) was told i had a severe uti and a cyst in my right ovary and that i was still pregnant, maybe early in the pregnancy but that the bleeding might have been cause of the infection and the cyst. what do y'all guys ,think any advice? i'm not bleeding anymore like i was and have no pain.....

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Remya Jan 30, 2017 11:49:43 AM ET

I'm 34weeks ,and i had experienced blood content in my urine, didn't have it before during my first pregnancy.i just want to know whether it is normal or not.

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Miss Jan 27, 2017 03:00:51 PM ET

I'm 33 weeks pregnant.i just saw a little blood. what is happning?

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Saima Jan 14, 2017 06:15:25 PM ET

I am 31 weeks. same problem. been in hospital once and they can't figure out where the bleeding is from. baby is fine.

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Taae Dec 28, 2016 09:40:18 PM ET

My girl said when she went pee, she peed blood. she is 28 weeks. does this mean she is having a miscarriage? i need answers please!!!

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